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Hi Jimmy

ndeed, however, I'm not so sure he adhered to an order of "Saved->Sanctified->Filled with the Holy Ghost." Ravenhill seems like he taught "Saved->Filled with the Holy Ghost."

Yes, the early 20th century Pentecostals were 3 stagers with a doctrine which held to three distinct experiences. I would be very surprised if Ravenhill had take this position or if he had insisted on tongues as 'the initial evidence'. Although Wesley never used the phrase 'Baptism in the Spirit' to describe the sanctification experience his close associate John Fletcher did, and so did some of Wesley's field preachers.

The early 20th century 'holiness' preachers like Oswald Chambers and Paget Wilkes and (earlier) William Booth certainly looked for a second experience in which the nature of sin in the believer was dealt with 'at a blow'. Chambers uses Sanctification and Regeneration almost as synonyms.

Maybe because of this fuzziness he can better be described as "Charismatic" than "Pentecostal."

Interesting definition of 'charismatic'? a fuzzy pentecostal? :-D

Ron Bailey

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