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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Was Kathryn Kuhlman even Saved?

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 Re: Was Kathryn Kuhlman even Saved?

I have to confess I was not inquisitive in the past decades concerning many of the "heros" or so-called "Generals" of the faith. I simply took it at face value and the word (testimony) of many of the televised preachers of our day. I was just a kid. approx. 1972, when my family visited a Kathryn K. crusade, and I cannot remember a thing. My family also said that it wasnt very rememorable. After all these years later I wanted to know was she real, trustworthy, or the inspiration for Benny Hinn, who claimed to have soaked upon her grave and received "The annointing". Since necromancy's Leviticus 19:31 is forbidden its questionalble for them both.
To question as to what spirits occupied Benny Hinns Crusades, or even possibly Kathryn K's crusades is just search for truth.
People have uncovered a great deal of hidden facts concerning Kathryn K. life and ministry. Such as the affair, breaking up a family with a so-called profit preacher, and the subsequent divorce which Kathryn would later deny to a news reporter. Benny Hinn witnessed her speaking of; "Dont take him from me, He's all I've got", which was assumed that she spoke of the Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn? Now it may very well be familiar spirits or a spirit guide, (demon) As I say I wasnt very inquisitive and it makes mad at myself these yeasrs later for somehow "not knowing".

 2021/7/28 20:06Profile

 Re: Was Kathryn Kuhlman even Saved?

The way I read scriptures, Yahweh is said to not want to lose any souls to hell.

Scriptures say it is his will.

Yahweh always gets his way, if you believe all the supernatural aspects when reading this myth literally.

Are any here that kind of reader?


 2021/7/29 19:34

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