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I asked my step dad this a few days ago. 'Why is it the ACLU is so strict about taking God outta certian places but yet allows it in other ways?'

Broadcast after Broadcast they said 'Our prayers are with Lousiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.'

What is a prayer? TALKING TO GOD. In this case, the type of prayer is INTERCESSION. (Praying on the behalf of another).

But the ACLU condoned Gays in numerous areas, taking away the 10 commandments, supporting Christian discrimination.

I don't know much about the ACLU, but from what I heard, they seem to be hypocritcal to the MAX.

'We support free speech', 'except when it offends'. And yet they support people who do offend as long as they aren't Christian.

....Times are changing...a few other threads clearly show this.

 2005/8/31 16:43

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