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 literal gasoline wars...!!

The word is out that we could run out of gas here in North Carolina by the end of the week. I heard in Greensboro it's already over $3.00. It's all blamed on the hurricane.

I just went out to top off my Jeep... and while at the gas station I saw 2 fist fights break out, and everyone was cussing each other. It was nuts!

Anyone experiencing this kind of stuff?


 2005/8/31 12:19

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 Re: literal gasoline wars...!!

wow that is scary, yea we need to stay on top of this and be prayerful. Brother have peace the Lord is in control we are not like the world.

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 Re: literal gasoline wars...!!

Hi Krispy...!

Wow...and I thought that our $2.49 a gallon was bad! I guess that we shouldn't complain. No fist fights here, though.



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Check out this link

[url=]$4.00 a gallon gas[/url]

they are already $3.30 + in Detroit

Patrick Ersig

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 Re: gas

Our gas price is at $3.09 here in Cinci. /N. Ky. The BP that is closest to us ran out of gas last night. I know a few gas stations in Indianapolis (where my extended family lives)ran out of gas earlier yesterday.

My husband did go and fill up our cars last night (unfortunately we both drive SUVs). But at least they are filled for now.

A big majority of gas that is distributed on this side of the country comes from down there and I know they said they were slowing the pipe lines down because some of the shut down of the rigs. (i may have not worded that all right :-( )

I do hope that christians will be Christ-like in these situations!

In Him, Chanin


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Christisking... thanx... thats whay I needed to see.


 2005/8/31 13:17

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It's interesting how people's true nature comes out when there is a scarcity of a popular commodity.

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