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 Church approves gender-neutral hymnal


(AgapePress) - A conservative minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America says he and other ELCA pastors are disturbed by the denomination's approval of a new, more gender-neutral hymnal.
At its Churchwide Assembly in early August, the ELCA okayed a plan to update the 1978 Lutheran Book of Worship by eliminating the "Father" terminology and male pronouns used in reference to God. The hymnal overhaul will include other gender-neutralizing and diversity-affirming changes to traditional Lutheran worship lyrics and liturgies as well. For example, in the Lutheran Creed, God and Jesus will now be referred to as "Holy Eternal Majesty" and "Holy Incarnate Word" instead of "Father" and "Son."

Dr. Roy Harrisville is executive director of Solid Rock Lutherans, a conservative group whose mission is to call the ELCA to "remain faithful to the Word of God according to the Lutheran Confessions." Harrisville says those who favor the revisions to the Lutheran Book of Worship want to change fundamental Christian beliefs.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Church approves gender-neutral hymnal

Hi Greg...

This is heart-breaking. I will be praying about this situation.



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It has to be quite hard to stay in time with a song when you have to sing "He/She's the Lily of the valley..."

or... "As the buck/doe panteth for the water..."

Unless there is repentence, there will be a day when God shows just how foolish this junk is.


 2005/8/26 15:35

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 Re: Church approves gender-neutral hymnal

The Father is not gender neutral, why should hymns be. It is good to hear someone taking a stand.

Sorry, but that 'overhauling' is sickening to me. Wonder how He feels about it.

Hal Bachman

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It's not just disgusting because of the fact that they don't like how Jesus himself said things, but often times, even in English, "he" is a default word, encompassing more than just gender. Ex: "men", "mankind", etc. How touchy can we get? Er! That does irk me. The second thought is just a side note. Jesus Christ himself said it. Did he offend you? Sometimes, I don't even know what to say.

Grace and Peace...

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