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not ony do we often see females outnumbering males in church, but here's another dilema: many churches in my area are solely attended by people whose average age is 70!!! i think we MUST invest in our youth! now, i don't have a problem with old people but when the church is ALL old people, then it's a dying church.

the reason men are so unresponsive to the gospel is because the gospel message is viewed as "soft" by some men. men are competitive. we often aren't about to surrender our life to someone else (Jesus). also, we're never gonna reveal to others that we experience problems because we have a mentality that "we can do it ourselves!". right? i'm sure there are many other reasons as well....



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 Men and the Church

Something interesting about men and the church - there is a very... intriguing western social stigma. Somebody in here said that men like to be competative. Very true. The gospel message, however, hasn't ever been soft. Humility is an issue as well, but that can't be quantified to one sex or temperament - take a look at Ruth.

I think the best way to describe it is out of my diction. But the book Wild at Heart by John
Eldredge gives it one heckuva start.

And if you ever catch a married man focused on the "I can do it myself" routine, well... that's worth a chuckle.

David Reynolds

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