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 Kenyan Christians Oppose Bid to Formalize Shari'a Law


Nairobi, Kenya ( - Kenyan Christian leaders are urging their congregations to oppose a forthcoming vote on a new constitution for the East African nation because the proposed document gives recognition to Islamic (shari'a) law.
Under Kenya's existing constitution, shari'a courts (also known as "Kadhi courts," after the title of the presiding officer) are allowed to adjudicate in matters of family and succession relating to the Muslim minority, although not in criminal disputes.

The new constitution would establish the courts as part of the national justice system.

Church leaders said it was wrong for purely religious bodies to be entrenched in the constitution of a secular nation whose people follow various religions.

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 Re: Kenyan Christians Oppose Bid to Formalize Shari'a Law

I wonder if this will ever come to other nations like Canada or America in the near future...

Something to pray about.

In Christ,

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