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So you are calling the Toronto Blessing which saved Todd Bently who God saved 100s of thousands of people through, a deception of the devil last I checked saving people wasnt on satans agenda.

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 Scotland in a local church in my town

well, after reading this thread, I found out from a friend of mine John Scotland would be at a local church. I went with her to see what would be seen.

While I don't know if he is satanic, he is definitely silly. I found the entire thing amusing, but not really Godly. He did read God's word quite soberly and with reverence. A lot of my friends seemed to get quite a bit out of it. Another friend of mine knows John Scotland personally and they are very good friends. Not that that means anything really. When he had the prayer line, he was throwing water in people's faces and literally pushing them down. I've been in services at my church (AoG) and I've seen people fall down under the Presence of the Holy Spirit. This wasn't it.

Basically, I didn't find him to be speaking for God, but others did. So, I don't know if that means there is something wrong with me or them...



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 Re: Scotland in a local church in my town


you hit the nail right on the head:

he is definitely silly

Thats what i got out of his "talk" also. Now the large crowd in this house meeting, they came from out of town, they were a bunch of self-proclaimed "Holy Ghost drunks", they were into it, laughing falling down, etc.

I was kind of grieved, didnt say a word, just went out onto the front porch to pray. John came out and instead of excoriating him for playing with Holy Things, I asked him where he was from in England, he had "sobered-up" a bit, he told me, and we talked for a second on how I had worked up in northern England, and how much I love the UK, then the Holy Spirit had me say, "lemme give you some sugar", so I hugged him and silently prayed, "Please Lord, open this mans eyes to the delusion he is under"....we broke our embrace and off he went into the night.

I sat there for a bit, grieving and praying, got up went to my car, and there were two attractive middle-aged woman following, totally plastered, you would have thought they had consumed a bottle of booze, laughing, giggling, falling down, etc etc.

I turned and asked 'em, "you all right to drive?" to which they replied, "we'll just sit in our car till this passes".

I nodded and walked away.

I never went to a house meeting there again.

AoG, huh? I was saved and raised up in an AoG church, bless God.

in Jesus' love, bartle

 2006/10/17 10:54


please don't do this.

Only God knows what is the outcome of any "move" or "blessing" of His.

I'm not trying to censor, or shut down any discussion, I'm just imploring you both to just let it go in Jesus' Name for the sake of unity.

bartle, having learned the hard way.

 2006/10/17 11:00

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Fort Frances, Ontario

 Re: John Scotland - Toronto Airport Blessing


I had to shut the clip off, what a farce! Where is the fear and the reverence of the Lord???


Murray Beninger

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the Toronto Blessing which saved Todd Bently

If Todd Bentley is saved, it was not the "Toronto Blessing" that saved him, but Jesus Christ. In spite of how the enemy perverts the "works" of God, His WORD will do a work in the earth as promised.


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Hemel Hempstead


I moved school because of the Toronto Blessing and Church because it was happening in our assemblies!!

Dominic Shiells

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If Todd Bentley is saved, it was not the "Toronto Blessing" that saved him, but Jesus Christ. In spite of how the enemy perverts the "works" of God, His WORD will do a work in the earth as promised.

Thank you for saying this... I didnt want to respond to the question because I felt that it would not serve the cause of unity. But your absolutely right. Bentley was not saved [b]because[/b] of the Toronto "Blessing", but rather [b]in spite[/b] of it.

Tho I havent been to Toronto, I have been to the so-called Brownsville "Revival" back in the day when I bought into all that stuff... and looking back I can assure you that these two "revivals" are filled with mass spiritual deception.


 2006/10/20 11:17

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Dallas, Texas


I have been to the so-called Brownsville "Revival" back in the day when I bought into all that stuff... and looking back I can assure you that these two "revivals" are filled with mass spiritual deception.

And we're off again! It's amazing how many heretics and heretical movements and false Bible translations are exposed on SI! I never knew! Brownsville and Azusa Street are "false and deceptive" revivals? Finney and Dr. Brown are heretics? NIV and NKJV are apostate translations? From what a wealth of spiritual knowledge to glean and grow!

Seriously brethren, these forums are becoming increasingly grievious. Can we not cease from judgment, from claiming to see into the hearts of men as only God can? Where are all the posts of edification, the posts that breathe holiness and provoke a fuller surrender to God? Can't you see that these posts and topics are like spiritual black holes, sucking people into tailspin debates and conjecture, spiraling downward, whereby precious gospel light and edifying power are lost?

This is not "testing the spirits" and "holding onto what is good"; this is putting forth personal convictions that are not held by all evangelicals. It is wise to refrain from making blanket statements on such issues. Might we move onto the real meat of the Word of God, and build each other up in Christ?

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2006/10/20 12:39Profile

 Paulie West-brother in the Lord

and dont forget:

lets pray for ole John Scotland, may the Lord annoint him with a sober Spirit, I believe this in faith in Jesus' Name.

and while we're at it, by golly, I would have loved to pray with that humble one-eyed black preacher by the name of William J. Seymour, pastor at the Azusa Street mission

I've read and studied a lot on the ministry of that humble vessel, sometimes, in the deep of night, I can almost hear his voice buried in those two big boxes he would use as an impromptu pulpit....and then wouldnt ya know it, in 1907 the Fire spread to Pyongyang, and what amazing accounts I've read of the Church in that city, now in the grips of cruel pharaohs.

hear me, one day, God willing, the Gospel of Jesus Christ will AGAIN be preached from the DMZ north to the Yalu and Tumen rivers in North Korea.

I SEE it as clear as day, MILLIONS being saved in North Korea for the Glory of God....humble churches in back road villages, dirt floors, sinners crying out, thirsty for the Living Waters, oh my dear brother, those will be days of GLORY!!!

Sometime, and this was thru the Spirit, my body of flesh will be buried besides the Yalu. Lord God, before that happens, use me, to be the feet of them that bring the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Thats the ministry of reconciliation we bring, THAT is how Jesus has released us from the bonds of death, that we have NO fear of death, what sweet release, as Paul so described.

Lay me besides the Yalu, and just committ me to the Lord with these Words: "well done, thy good and faithful servant" Jesus Name I pray....and tell my son what his daddy did for the Name. amen.

sweetly, bartle

 2006/10/20 13:13

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