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 Spain gets first married priest


A Roman Catholic bishop on the Spanish island of Tenerife has ordained a man as a Catholic priest despite the fact that he is married with two children.
The 64-year-old former Anglican pastor, David Gliwitzki, was ordained in La Laguna on the Canary Island.

The Bishop of Tenerife said the move was a unique exception within the Spanish Church.

According to Church rules, priests are supposed to be celibate. But the ordination was approved by the Pope.

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 Re: Spain gets first married priest

Interesting. Too bad this is just an "unique exception". [shaking head] "The ordination was approved by the Pope". How about [i]God[/i] approves of the marriage of a priest and, ummm, that God [i]designed[/i] marriage in the first place. Ridiculous! The heavy burdens of man! How sad. That would be neat if this "unique exception" opened the door for the Catholic church to go back to the authority of the Bible on this issue.

Yolanda Fields

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