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Hi Yodi...!

I understand your point. And yes, it is sad if this is just the result of another "easy divorce" among celebrities (including "Christian celebrities"). Divorce is such an ugly thing -- something I never intend to ever experience (once I get married)! I agree with David Wilkerson's notion that the word should be thought of as a [i]curse word[/i] -- and should never be mentioned as a possibility in a Christian home. It is such a terrible example when public figures (including preachers) are divorced. I was recently told by an unsaved classmate (and later confirmed it online) about how John Jacobs (the guy from the Power Team) recently had another of his marriages anulled, because he didn't want yet another divorce on his record. My unsaved classmate said it to show how some "famous Christian personalities are almost identical to the famous celebrities." It was disheartening to hear someone say this -- especially since it is often true.

However, I'm not sure that we really know the facts of this particular situation just yet to justify passing judgment on this matter. It is still quite possible that her husband was unfaithful to her, and the cause of her silence could be that she is either embarrassed or deeply hurt because of that -- or she doesn't want to embarrass the man.

Matthew 1:18-21 shows that when Joseph learned that Mary was pregnant, he was going to divorce her. The Law stated that a woman could eventually be killed for such an offense (Deuteronomy 22:23-24). However, because Joseph was a righteous man, he decided to "put her away" (divorce her) quietly, because he didn't want her to expose her to public disgrace. Perhaps we should show the same type of righteous mercy for Jaci Velasquez. I'm not trying to make an [i]excuse[/i] for sin, but perhaps try to show a little compassion toward someone who may or may not have fallen.



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 Re: Jaci Velasquez Divorced

(MATTHEW 7: 1-2)
This is for everyone that wants to cast judgement on Jaci Velasquez, before they know the WHOLE situation. The Lord DOES say that he hates divorce, but he does say that the only case is for sexual immorality, and how do we KNOW this is the situation? Seeing how we dont know , we should not be so quick to guess and act like we do know. As CHRISTIANS portraying the image of Christ we are suppose to be compassionate, especially to believers. I cant believe reminds me of the scribes and pharisees. This is also EXACTLY what Jobs friends did to him when he was having it hard, and God BLESSED him and CURSED the "friends"....In the body of Christ we are all suppose to be friendly, and to say that you "heard" a message of Christ and it was only CONDEMNING words, means they are your own words not Christ'. I hope that all of you with your harsh judgements have never sinned before famous or not. If you are perfect like Jesus make sure you are dying for all of our sins and going to heaven, because the last time I read the Bible that cant happen. In reading and studying the Bible God does not run down our throat our past, no quite the contrary, he is COMPASSIONATE. So it is my prayer that you all will learn that VIRTUE. Remember: He who is without sin cast the first stone....write me back when you all really want to talk about the truth! [email protected]

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 Re: Jaci Velasquez Divorced

i am very new to this forum here. i didn't spend any time reading any threads or posts with regards to jaci's divorce save for the very first post. and with the way my memory is due to medical conditions, not even that is retained. rather, i am posting for much different reasons. many many many to explain that will take a while.

how things began, today, i was very very very depressed, broken hearted, saddened and continuining to cry my eyes out screaming and yelling at G+D at my witts end, no long being able to take the pain i've been through any more. thanksgiving is this week, i have NO ONE to be with. NO FRIENDS. NO FAMILY. only my pets. my health is now on rapid depletion ever since i got kicked out of certain roommates abode, and even faster depletion ever since i've been officially isolated and kicked out any and all activities regardless and worse, no longer allowed to call on them for emergencies when my health fails as often as it does as if thought i was faking for attention. and now? when i go for interviews and job tests, i fail, even when i try and get passed over. life has just turned into an avalanche in a very short period of time. and that isn't even the chip of the iceberg that i describe and explain.

anyways, i was screaming and yelling at G+D, i can't take it anymore. i'm gonna be 29, never had a boyfriend, never been loved, can't keep a job, my health is going, can't get SSI, can't find a home, can't keep friends, don't have a family....what is love? no one can love me. the man i loved, fell in love with, gave everything to, thought was going to be my husband, was the answer to EVERYTHING I HAD EVER PRAYED FOR IN A HUSBAND IN HOW FRIGGN LONG AND DETAILED A COMPLEX LIST....and he goes and sleeps with my once best friend, marries her, uses me, and wastes me and breaks my heart instead with no remorse...just as solomon had how many women and how many alters to how many gods for each woman he i told G+D i've had it, i'm done, i'm through, i'm finished. no man will ever look on me in love that i can return. my time is finished. i wanna come home now, i wanna come be with the husbandman who is faithful and true to me, i wana be at peace, at rest. i want to sleep now. please take me home, i want to come home now. i should have died in 2003, that was a mistake, the hospital schmucks should not have brought me back, i should have had a DNR filled out before then had i known. i would be more happy and so would others in this world if i were gone.

the radio at my work was on. today, it was on a different station, an 80's station. and jaci's love will find you chorus cought my attention:

You’ll walk the pain that you’ve been holding --
Walk through a door that’s always open
Into a Promise never broken.

(Love will find (find) you.)
Love will find you,
(Love will find you) oh....
(Love will find you)
When you believed you’d stopped believing.

(Love will find you)
Oh, you’ve gotta see.
Oh, you’ve gotta see,
You must believe!

(Love will find you)
Oh, someday you’ll mend the fear.
You must believe (you must believe),
You must believe....
You must believe. Oh-oh-oh....

was the last half i caught before it was over and i had to wait till how late in the evening to come home and look it up to find out what was it. i was still pissed at work and refused to believe at work. at home...home...tears of hardness...tears of pain...too much to bear...

one, i'm not a fan of jaci, i have no knowledge of who she is. looking her up to find even just lyrics/mp3/info, ok...yes. its appreciated that she is surprisingly attractive for a hispanic/latino/spaniard (no i'm not an admirer of hispanic/lationos) and is also a devout christian, (not catholic right?) so for her and her music to leave an imprint and impact on me, one must realize, is quite impressive. for G+D to get her to be able to write a song how many years ago, and have it play while i'm screaming and yelling at HIM about a 'promise' that HE has to keep to me, that >I< just need to 'believe'.......hmmmmm..... i'm sorry....i'm in tears, i'm in pain, i can't stop crying....

i don't know anymore, i really don't. some things sound too good to be true now. the first time around, i met the man. everything i asked G+D, i prayed for, and EVERYTHING, i mean EVERYTHING i NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE was met and brought before me. and not once had he thought a drop of love for me, only physical lust and sex appeal for his pleasure. and never again has any man been brought before me, but only heartbreak and hell has broken loose instead. if eli cried, begged and pleaded G+D even i - only i - am left to serve THEE o L+RD. and G+D'S answer to him was, eli, i have saved yet 7000 more that are yet like unto thee o eli.

i am not asking for divorce for the one who broke my heart, nor for death of my former best friend like bathsheeba's first husband. so...

where are the 6999??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



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