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 Gods sense of humor

I have recently been launched into an itinerate ministry preaching within the traditional church, eg: Church of England, Baptist, Methodist, etc… Now here is the funny part…. I have been brought up and raised within Pentecostal Churches, and trained in Charismatic Churches and Bible Colleges, so going into a Traditional Church is as scary for my as it will be for them once I open my mouth!

I have 20 bookings so far and haven’t a clue what to preach on? It seems that we have such a vastly different approach to the Word of God, I believe in Spiritual Gifts, “Healing”, Faith and Confession etc…. The typical Charismatic stuff.

God is no doubt doing a work in me and in them thru me. It will be an interesting course of events no doubt!!!

Marc Wheway

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 Re: Gods sense of humor

Hi Marc,

Are you taking whole services? Or preaching only?

Have you done any research into these denominations, particularly the congregations where you will be going, or, the thoughts of those in their local hierarchy? I would.

I have found the Anglicans most open to the moving of the Spirit as a specific event. Depending on where you go, there are plenty of born-again, baptised in the Spirit, moving in the gifts 'Anglicans', but how they let these function, may vary.

As an example, a church I know offers all-comers a healing ministry, training in prayer ministry for members, and a pre-service prayer meeting, (on certain dates each month) in which visions, prophecy - whatever - can come forth. This is then given a slot (like a report) of what God brought that day; after the service, (or during) anyone who feels a 'word' was appropriate to them, can go to a prayer minister for a quiet talk and be prayed for/with.

It is all very calm and orderly. There are chairs set aside to wait in, a discreet distance from those praying. This all goes on in the main church, with its traditional altar rail, stained glass and pillars, sometimes while other things are still going on in the service.

They did away with pews a long time ago, and make sure the front is filled by the first to arrive, by adding more chairs at the back later. The sound system is pretty good - multidimensional media and music is totally standard - computer presentations normal.

Whether all that stuff and the music groups is a good thing, is moot, as there is a downside, but they do so much outreach, they need a fund of people with experience at the front, to rotate.

The Methodists are also very open to the Spirit's moving and although they may not talk about the gifts much, believe in healing and giving God room to move during church. This they do by letting the itinerant preachers, re-arrange the order of service and 3d participation, as they wish.

I've been most blessed by ministery in both these settings. Perhaps it's just as well you come from a pentecostal charismatic background! ;-)

 2005/8/24 15:44

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 Re: Gods sense of humor


If you will just speak whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to, there will be no problem. If you want to a little more info, compare the sermons Paul and the other apostles preached. Check out the OT prophets: what did they preach about? Without exception, they all preached about the need to repent and the need to understand Jesus as the Messiah (NT). If you study the old evangelists you will find this to be common. The teachings of the Holy Spirit as to the gifts, etc. was taught to them AFTER they had repented - it was a part of the ongoing teaching that was done to build up new Christians.


Sandra Miller

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