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 Things to do in hell

I work 11 hour night shifts 4+ days a week, and it sickens me how little time I spend in prayer. I always say to christians, "why are you so concerned about having a good time here on earth? why do you need a vacation? or why do you need to watch tv or go camping or golfing or whatever? you will have eternity to have a good time, but you insist on spending your time selfishly while souls pour into hell every day by the thousands." Like Ravenhill said, "you spend 8 hours a day working, 8 hours a day sleeping, eating etc., what do you do with the other 8?" Why don't we spend at least 3 or 4 hours a day in prayer? It all boils down to this, Who do you love the most? yourself or God?

Nigel Holland

 2005/8/20 15:21Profile

 Re: Things to do in hell

Hi Drifter,
I understand your point, it's sort of like, you feel bad in your first sentence, for what you aren't able to do, and then go on to what all of us aren't doing.

I sympathise, but at the same time, I would like to encourage you personally, that every minute of our waking days, can be spent "WITH HIM" and if "with Him" THAT is RELATIONSHIP and He hears you and you hear HIM.

That's something to SMILE about friend ... imagine that ?
The WORD says, we are 'presently' seated in Heavenly Places 'with' HIM. WOW !

We ONLY need to learn to "practice the presence of God" .... no matter 'what's' going on around us. We are constantly (or Can Be) IN His Presence. Wow !!! That's absolutely amazing and something so hard to imagine, yet it's True.

The enemy doesn't want us to realise what we have in HIM. Satan wants us Christians to only mope around grieving about "what we Don't have", so we're not a witness to others, nor can we minister to others. (satan's a tricky/crafty one, on 'hiding truths from us' - so we're not productive, ya know ?)

Some religions flog themselves and do all sorts of contortions, to "get on good or right with God", but if the same Spirit that dwelled IN CHRIST (His Spirit) dwells in you, then He'll quicken more than just your mortal body ...

Drifter ~ if we "walk in the spirit" as best we can, we are in complete communion with HIM and His desires and His mind, etc. etc. etc..

It isn't "head" knowledge ~ it's "experiential" knowledge we're after ... and He's offering that now.

We need to read those promises more, that tell us "where and what" we have with Christ [u]Presently[/u].

It'll make you shout 'GLORY', right in the middle of the job, or wherever.

There are times to "travail", but God never puts a burden on your heart to travail for, unless He provides the means, time, place to do that ... even 'while' working.

But prayer, is just "two-way-conversation" and He's seldom quiet on His end. :-)

The [b]JOY[/b] of the Lord is our strength, and that is only had IN His Presence. (He's already there ... we just need to get there with Him :)

Faith, Joy, Hunger for more, is all contagious ... you can't force it on anyone, or force anyone to LOVE more ... but you can just be a magnet (or salt) by shining 'HIS' presence with it's Joy, Love, Praise, Etc. around others.

I pray you receive 'His' Joy to give you strength to see 'where you dwell and where He dwells'. He Always hears you ~ He knows your heart !!!

All His Mighty Blessings & Promises come alive in our hearts & understanding. Amen ! That's revival !

As a former Respiratory therapist/CPR person, I can tell you, only the "almost dead or already dead" need reviving ... otherwise, just fan the flame daily, it's always there waiting on you.

Start with Ephesians chpt. 1 and when ya get to the last verse, read that one a few times.

:-) God Bless, and pray for me too while you're at it. He already knows our needs.
Thanks !!!

 2005/8/21 1:53

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 Re: Things to do in hell

"The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest."

Hal Bachman

 2005/8/21 4:40Profile


Hi Letsgetbusy,

This afternoon, we were talking after dinner about 'where' the witness starts.

It starts "right where we are".... whether it's on this Forum, or our jobs, or at the check out line .... but it takes that "right relationship", of truly walking in His Spirit, to first ~ give us the "Right" witness (outward behavior) and secondly to truly "have the Mind of Christ", which [b]is[/b], "to seek and to save those that are lost".

I think what "we" need to do, is pray for that "Working Relationship with Him" ~ as in, being in His presence, Knowing HIM (not just 'about' Him) and having that relational communion (Two-Way communication), so that we give a "Right & Good Witness".

My prayer for myself and others, is that we realize that ..(dumb undersized analogy but...).. 'If' God's knowledge was the size of the Largest Iceberg out there, then our present 'knowledge' of Him and His knowledge, is just barely one snow flake on top of that Huge Iceberg. Yet we think we know so much at times.
We'll 'still' be learning from Him through-out the whole of Eternity. And we'll STILL never know all that HE knows (or we'd be God, and not just "like Him".)

I've seen folks run out to witness, before they came into the fullness of the knowledge of Christ and it turned out really bad for the unsaved person they witnessed to. The one who witnessed didn't 'KNOW' Him.
And that 'witness' may have turned the unsaved persons off to Christianity forever. (?)

Very scarey to witness that, but it happens every day.

We have to KNOW Him, 'experientially' (epignōsis), in order to be a "Living Epistle read by all" (2Corth 3:2,3), and if not, we will not be a good witness and neither will we Really care about the Lost.

I pray, that we realise how we're NOT Like Jesus, and seek Him, so that we don't "MIS-represent Him" to the world.

By this, shall all men know that you are my disciples, that you love one another .... just for starts .... especially in the public's view.

What goes on in the privacy of our minds, comes out, eventually, in public.

If we don't have "the mind of Christ", or realise just 'WHO' is living on the inside of us and stay "in touch" with Him, for all wisdom on what to say or do, then we'll not only hurt The Body, but we'll hurt any witness to the public.

Right Relationship = Burden = Good Witness.

That's where the burden for the Lost starts ... right 'here', in public. Right ?

Love ya brother.

 2005/8/21 5:36


I was looking at the Articles page and for some reason my eyes were literally pulled twice to this man's name Martin Knapp .

Truthfully, I don't know him. He's one of those names I haven't heard or read from, except for just now.

I knew God wanted me to share this, but I didn't know 'where', so I feel He's led me back here to this post again.

I don't know what y'all will get out of it, but, what I read in the second article on that page, about the compelling LOVE of Christ, expressed through an evangelist struck the chord of witness in my spirit and/or experience.

His Love to you.

 2005/8/21 23:13

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 Re: Things to do in hell


travel time, how far away from work do you live? do you take public transport? take a train? use that time to strike up a convversation with someone the Holy Spirit ministers to you about, take your car? pay for someone behind you at the toll booth, be an example driver, taxi? minister to the taxi driver,

the random people you meet every day, and not necessarily the same person ever again are the ones you need to impact, leave an impression on and make it a postitive one, thats why i keep preaching 'the Joy of the Lord' lol cos its great, and people actually flock to you becuase they feel so good around you, also, i use 2 different terms for reaching people 2 different ways... i once asked the question "whats the difference between witnessing and evangelising?" and they said, i guess no real difference only that witnessing is more what you say to people in regards to Christ or as a general term, you can witness about your favourite telly show and bring others to watch it, but you're using words, though evangelism is more your actions, hey this is just how i see it, i not claiming these as their true meanings, but this is just how i apply it... so, in that respect, evangelise a little more and witness when God prompts you. andlike Jonah had to learn the hard way, if you just do as God says you'll have his hand on you the whole way... :)

wow i so didnt mean to write that much!


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