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That's why I Love ya Brother! your like me your not afraid to mention some of the stuff you did in your past, and to be completely honest with you, I don't think there is a better witnessing tool, than to tell someone what your past was like. Brother we may not be were we need to be but thank GOD were not were we use to be.

Man... musically it's a very catchy song. If I'm out somewhere, say a carnival or something, and that song comes on, it still catches my ear. And everytime I here it I think of Bon Scott in hell. It's heart breaking what a fool he was, as well as those who think as he did.


 2005/8/18 16:05


Could it be that hell is eternal punishment in the form of nonexistence? which would certainly qualify as eternal? Bon Scott sang that all his friends would be in hell, but what if hell is simply nonexistence in the future AND the past? In other words, the person expecting to go to hell, at the moment of their death realizes that they've not only lost all future life, but also that the NEW LIFE With those Saved will become all that ever existed. Even the past erased, and thus it would be as if they never existed in the first place. By taking away all past sin the New Life will be cleansed completely and only those of God will remain, also being as if there never was a world with sin at all.

Just something I have been thinking about. I don't like the idea that a just God would let satan have any souls, or that He would sentence any of His creation to eternal punishment, but could simply take satan's existence and his followers completely out of time-space altogether, making it as if they never existed at all. I think those knowing they are about to be put out of existence completely would certainly be gnashing their teeth the moment they realized this. It has finality, but is also eternal and just.



 2005/8/18 16:44


Bubba... if someone killed someone you loved, and the judge sentenced that person to jail for life, you would call that judge a "just" judge. A just God does not "let" Satan have souls... He allows US to make that decision. Just like the murderer makes a decision to commit the crime knowing full well what the punishment will be. The judge is just following thru with the law. The judge is not giving the jailer control of the murderer... the murderer gave the jailer control when he decided to murder someone. It's called personal responsibility.

And there is an eternal hell. Jesus spoke of it, and if it wasnt true, then Jesus lied.

Knowing a little of your reasoning on things, I know I just opened a pandora's box... right?


 2005/8/18 17:00

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errr an infinte crime deserves an infinte punishment, by a just Judge, thus rejecting God's own salvation, not only that HIS OWN SON, surely is an infinte crime, thus how is justice served by God popping them out of existence at the point of death and what of all the scriptures about hell!!!

Matt 18:8
Matt 25:41,46
Mark 9:43,44,46,48
2 Thes 1:9
Jude 6
Rev 20:10

to name but a few!


 2005/8/18 17:25Profile


Agreed... I've never heard an argument against an eternal hell that made any sense in light of scripture. The only way you can even come close to making sense of there being no eternal hell is if you wrench verse totally and completely out of context. But in the whole context... you cant build a case unless you're prepared to call Jesus a liar.

I think if I were still in the world, and thought that hell would just be seperation from God (which at that point you're seperated from God already... hellloooo), or that I would just stop existing, or something like that... I probably would still be in the world.

I was on my way to hell before I was saved... and I knew it. I'd seen men die over in Gulf War I... I've walked by dead bodies. It literally scared the "hell" out of me. It still took me a little while to get saved, but thats when I finally realized that I wasnt invincible... and that we all die.

And what follows the grave...? For me, it was hell, and I knew it.

Thats called "motivation"!



 2005/8/18 20:35

 Re: Things to do in Hell

There are two roads in life, a narrow and straight way leading to Heaven, and a broad way leading to Hell...

Both are marked "This way to Heaven."

Had to quote you, Jeremy. Such a simple observation arrested me.

You know what's striking about it? The lack of information.

The deception is based on the reader's assumption that he knows how to define heaven - just what Eli was saying about people smiling because they don't know they're going to hell.

My more give-away (deliberately) slogan for a signpost to hell -

'PLAY NOW! Pay later!'

 2005/8/20 7:15

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