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 Violence hits Gaza pullout


GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Jewish settlers remaining in Gaza rioted early Monday as the Israeli military began a historic withdrawal from the territory, Israeli police said.
In other parts of Gaza, police reported residents coming under fire from Palestinian militants.

There were no immediate reports of injuries from any of the incidents, which took place in the hours after Israel closed the Kissufim border crossing and 20 others that settlers used to enter Gaza.

In the southern Gaza settlement of Kfar Darom and the central settlement of Netzarim, police said Palestinian militants were shooting at settlers who remain.

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 2005/8/16 0:06Profile

 Re: Violence hits Gaza pullout

This has been heartbreaking.

I kept the BBC on tonite, to hear the fuller story. It didn't sound as if they actually "rioted" in the sense you picture with that word. They blocked an entry with vehicles and burnt tires to block it. They were given a deadline for sometime today, and wanted to wait till the deadline, probably to get their stuff together.

They interviewed the head Rabi, and he sounded like such a sweet tender man.

He said, what was wrong, was that these Jewish settlers in Gaza, were not provided with a "place to go to live" on the other side of the wall.

He also said, that at first, as a "Community" of Jewish people, they wanted to be or stay together and felt, that God had given the Jews that land .... but then he said something that brought tears ...

He said something like, "There is Israel, the Nation, and then there is Israel the people ... so we will go to be with our people."

It sounded, last I heard, that they may wait till the last minute of the dead-line and go, because "they don't want to lose their dignity, by having to be drug out."

Anyhow, we need to pray, that all of the Community there will follow their Rabi's wisdom, to join the rest, just for the sake of their own lives.
And please pray that the Lord will provide them places to live. I can't imagine, not having anywhere to go and transporting all we could, around.
No Jew, should be without a Home, in his own country.


 2005/8/16 5:05

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