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 Americans roughed up in China


Two Americans were roughed up by plain-clothes Chinese police during a raid of a house church in the Communist state, reports Christian-persecution monitor China Aid Association.
According to the group, the raid came during a crackdown on house churches that has seen 210 Chinese house pastors and members arrested since last month.

On Aug. 2, the two Americans, students believed to be from Westminster Theological Seminary campuses in Texas and California, were in their host family's home in Lutou Town, Zaoyang City, Hubei Province with 41 pastors and other Christians when approximately 30 Chinese plain-clothed police officers rushed in.

According to several eyewitness reports, the two Americans were handled "very unprofessionally," China Aid Association stated. One sustained injuries to his wrists after being handcuffed because he wanted to put his shoes on before he was forced into an unmarked police car.

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 Re: Americans roughed up in China

Do you have a link to this, brother? I have a friend about to go to China and do some mission work. I would like to send the link to her.


Josh Parsley

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 Re: Americans roughed up in China

If Americans were roughed up, imagine the sufferings of the local church leaders. The Chinese government is lenient to citizens of western countries because it does not look good internationally. But with locals, you will never know.

Just a word of caution to those who go to China for Christian ministry: if you're careless, you might be beaten up, but others might be killed. Understand the local situations. Do not act zealously yet without knowledge. Keep your head cool.


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