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 Ravenhills Library

These are a few books and authors that stood out to me when in Ravenhills library:

[b]The Second Blessing in Symbol[/b]
Carradine, Rev. B.

[b]Holiness the False and the True[/b]
Ironside, H. A.

[b]Holiness, Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties and Roots[/b]
Ryle, John Charles

[b]Holiness Teaching Today : Holiness Teaching Today[/b] Volume 6 (Vol. 6) (Great Holiness Classics Ser., Vol. 6)
Harper, Albert F. (editor); Purkiser, W. T. (editor)

[b]Satan: His Personality, Power, and Overthrow[/b]
Bounds, E. M.

[b]Tongue of Fire[/b]

Paxson, Ruth

[b]REFINER'S FIRE (2 Vols) [/b]
Ravenhill, Leonard

[b]Pocket Book of Daily Prayers[/b]
Meyer, F.B.

[b]When God Was Man[/b]
Phillips, J. B.

[b]PATH OF PRAYER, The[/b]

[b]The Way to Pentecost[/b]
Chadwick, Samuel

[b]Samuel Logan Brengle: Portrait of a Prophet[/b]
Hall, Clarence W.

[b]When the Holy Ghost is Come[/b]
Brengle, Samuel Logan

[b]The Evangelist[/b]
Bellet, J. G.

[b]The Complete Works. Memoir, Select thoughts, and sermons of the late Rev. Edward Payson. In three volumes[/b]
Edward Payson:

BOUNDS, E. M / compiled by Leonard Ravenhill

 2005/8/5 21:56

 Re: Ravenhills Library


Thank you for putting this list up. Now that he's with His God, it's bittersweet to look at.

Back in the 70's, that's all we had was L.Ravenhill, D. Wilkerson and Keith Greene and the The Classics. How blessed we were to have these men there, before the 'other stuff' infilitrated the Church.
These great men, got us on a good foundation to start off with ... and the Classics built on that.

I'm so grieved inside for those who are just now saved today, because they don't know 'what' books to buy at the Christian Book Stores and may not have sound Churches in their area.

I think we need to pray for the "lambs" more now then anything. And I pray that others will feel to pray this way also.

When Jesus said to Peter, in John 21:15-17, Lovest thou Me ? Jesus' First response was "feed my 'Lambs'." Then later he responded with 'sheep'.

He seemed to always put the young and young in Him first. (Like the millstone verses, and forbid not the children, etc. etc.)

The last will be first, and the first last... and verses like that.

I pray we can direct as many as possible to these great Authors, before the wolves get them.


 2005/8/14 0:04

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Great list brother Jesse, I hope some people benefit from it.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2005/12/23 11:48Profile

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 Re: Ravenhills Library


I tried to listen to Ravenhill's own recommendatons in an audio sermon, but it was of super-low quality, as is my hearing. I couldn't decipher it.

Did anyone hear and understand and write down the books that he recommended? If so, can you post them here?


J. Buzza

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 Re: Ravenhills Library

Hi GodsPeace,

There is a listing or two dervied from that message, trouble locating it at the moment but, I do believe this is likely to contain the bulk of it and might I add, what a great job and task this is here; [url=]Ravenhills Book List reviews[/url]

It pasted through here seemingly without notice.

Mike Balog

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 Re: Ravenhills Book List

There is a list in the Leonard Ravenhill discssion section, I hope it helps

David Michael Paul

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If you go to this link at Rare Christian Books there is a list of Leonard Ravenhill Book Recommendations.'s.htm



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