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Edited by me here ... I just saw your post Logic, and we posted about the same time, so I hope you see this post here was not written to you. God bless, good job.

He died about 22 years ago from Malaria, at the ripe old age of 70 something, that he contracted while teaching in India.

He gave his life (totally and wholly) to teach Greek, exegesis and hermenuetics, to both us Americans during the school year, and to those in the Colleges he started in India, during our Summer school break. No break for him, because of his 'burden'.

I'm sorry if you feel you could have taught better.

In his seventies, he was still doing this.
Using every spare moment, to help bring an understanding of the Scriptures, from the original Greek and historical settings, etc. at the times that the books of the Bible were written.

He proved out each verse by Exegesis, and not "his own thoughts".

You are entitled to your opinion ... everyone is, as I hope I am also entitled to, once in a while.

Keep splitting hairs, and the "Intention" of this thread has been totally lost already.

The saddest part ... is that it shows up on the HOMEPAGE for all the new visitors to see.

If "Respect" for each other has not been the theme of this thread, and some other 'motive' has entered, I pray the Lord God, will bring it back to it's original intent.

You mentioned "how many views" earlier ... well, contention brings "views" BUT mostly, folks may just want to read about a topic that peaks their interest. That's what peeks my interest to read other's threads.

I was told by the Moderators, who I've trusted, that this Forum, is for "finding God out" in the Deepest way. The "heart" of God's Heart.

I will try to keep that in mind, and feel I have the freedom here, to once in a while, post a thread of my own, that 'may' be of some "edification".

I pray we can edify each other, as was the plea of the admin. on the thread where I first signed on at.

It was that plea of theirs, that got me over my phobia of Forums and gave me the courage to become a member here. I felt "their" HEARTS were in the right place and those others, who posted on that particular thread and I felt unfearful after picking up on that spirit, alone.

God Bless SI's intent & purpose.

Praying for Peace, Encouragement for all, and Growth, not only for myself, but for us as a Body knitly joined together.

 2005/8/5 18:59

Joined: 2003/7/18
Posts: 6566
Reading, UK


I'm sorry if you feel you could have taught better.

You are entitled to your opinion ... everyone is, as I hope I am also entitled to, once in a while.

Annie, you seem determined to take offence at my comments. Am I not allowed to disagree with your professor? If you would not like me to contribute to your conversation the technology to employ is 'pm' the private mail facility offered here on SI.

Why don't you challenge my ideas rather than attacking me personally? After all, this posting is in the 'Scriptures and Doctrine' section of SI. This part of the forum is not intended for personal monologues (I mean no offence by that phrase; I am only trying to make a point clear). SI forums are not designed as pulpits from which a single speaker pursues a single objective; they are 'forum' - a market place of ideas, challenge, discussion. They are to be conducted in a atmosphere of respect for truth as well as for individuals. As I say, there is another avenue open for personal one-to-one discussions in the pm function of SI.

I bear no ill will towards you and have no agenda. I have no 'problem' with you unless you want to close down discussion. The SI family has functioned like this for some time now. The intervention of the moderators is happily rare because 'market place dynamics' tend to moderate exclusive or extreme views. One of the unique facets of SI is the breadth of Christian conviction expressed in our download library. This variety of conviction is not a weakness of SI but, in my opinion, one of its greatest strengths. It means that folks raised in the comparative 'security' of a 'denominational' setting have to mix with people from widely different Christian cultures. In this it is a special gift to the whole church. I have commented on this feature of SI regularly.

From time to time we have folks join us who have a particular 'agenda' (again, I am not thinking of you when I say this). There are some who join us with a conviction that they have a particular 'ministry' and that SI is just the platform from which to exercise it. (again, I am not thinking of you when I say this) The family at SI 'self correct' these tendencies, or the folk move away. It is a natural process of the 'family life' here. God sets the solitary in families and it is good for us to have our concepts 'destruction tested'. This is a priceless function of SI and I hope we will be endlessly vigilant in maintaining this 'free speech' in the Spirit of love and self control.

I would like you and I to discuss our ideas, here on the forum. Why can't we do this?

Ron Bailey

 2005/8/6 4:41Profile


Philo ~

Please check back to your first post on this particular thread, and then the next and the next.

I think if you still cannot understand, what my heart was for initiating this topic, and that it was for the Sole purpose of us "Respecting each other's gift burden's and so that we will cut each other more slack and NOT JUDGE each other" and that That was the message I was trying not to get muddy up with endless debate, and so on ... then I believe this 'may' be when you may want to call in a Moderator through a PM, or someother way, to judge me or between you and I.

This is a strange case, in this particular thread, and I do not feel physically, emotionally, nor strength wise, equipped to handle your way of responding. I'm sorry for that.
Sometimes I have the strength, but in this is one instance, I don't.

Please consider a Moderator for this dispute of yours.

Thank you if you could understand, that there are sometimes that I don't have the strength for these type post disputes.



 2005/8/6 11:48


One more explanation.

I have no intent to start a thread where anyone can not reply to.
I love open discussion, I just am a bit burnt out on Debates.

When I first signed on here, I said I had been on a Theological Debate Forum, thinking it would be fun, because I was brand new to Computers and all.

Then I posted here that, some doctrinal debates went on for years, Greek and all, and I saw, that even with Greek, people would find they'd disagree on transliteration, grammar disputes, etc. etc. ad nauseum, so after only one year on Computers, I went off line for almost 2 years, to seek God in the matter, because the lack of Love, and Unity, caused by these "debates", caused my health to go down... in more ways than one.

I had a phobia of Forums ever since, because those "debates" were such a bad testimony or witness. Especially when it gets into Greek, etc. because it loses the general audience or leaves out too many Saints from the conversation and know from the past, that even with the Greek, folks won't agree.

If someone came on here and denied the Deity of Christ, I would hope you (Philo) and I could work together to dispute that heresy. Or any other 'Major' Doctrine within our general Statement of Faith, but to just banter over minors, I can't do anymore.

It's not against you Philo, I believe, but as I've stated, "I believe EVERY CHRISTIAN on this site has gifts that we all need. And Greek, etc. leaves too many out and I like talking with all here.

I need fellowship more than most, because as I've said, I am disabled and pretty much homebound ... so it's 'not' that I don't want anyone posting with me .... It's just the opposite, I 'want' fellowship and love it, more than words can say.

But a certain post was made recently on this forum from someone in charge, that moved my heart and I felt comfortable with.

I'll quote it here ....

"These forums are not the best place to debate and look for controversy. But rather a place to come [b]alongside[/b] each other and seek the face of Jesus."

That was just one of the type statements, that attracted me to this forum.

Only if it's a 'major' doctrine, do I feel we may need to get into so-called "debate".

I'm a Pre-mil-Post-trib believer, but I won't debate that, unless someone asked me to just "discuss it" with them. Just for one.

I don't hold the OSAS belief, but I won't get into that arguement either. I don't think it's needed, but just that folks seek the Lord with all their hearts.

My burden is for Growth, Doctrinal Purity and Last Days stuff, but I pray to not battle on minors. I pray not to battle at all.

My only point here with this thread was, to encourage All posters, that they All have gifts (whether cesstationist or not, they still have gift-burdens),and to encourage that we consider that when we disagree, that 'maybe' it's just their gift's burden that is causing the disagreement, and not to judge them, as anything less than ourselves.

I don't know how else to explain myself.

For a change (ha) I've finally run out of words.
(now that's a switch :).

I'd just rather encourage each believer in their own gift, and leave this with [u]1Corth. 12:14-27.[/u]


 2005/8/6 13:45

Joined: 2003/7/18
Posts: 6566
Reading, UK


Please consider a Moderator for this dispute of yours.

Thank you if you could understand, that there are sometimes that I don't have the strength for these type post disputes.

I have no 'problem' with you or your posts. If you still have a problem with mine, I suggest you 'call in a moderator'.

Ron Bailey

 2005/8/7 12:49Profile


Down yonder here, they say "Bless your heart" a lot.

I thought it was the cutest-sweetest saying I'd ever heard, being from the big-bad-tri-state areas more like N.Y..

You skipped a post here, the one 'just' before yours here, where I tried to explain the 'shape I was in physically' and why I don't like 'debating', but that's O.K., I'm feeling better now ... I think any PMing to anyone, would have to be done by you, because I think I made myself clear enough on my desire for unity, in that post before yours here and through-out my posts.

I don't mind you 'resurrecting' any disputes you have with me and my dead professor, at all now.

God is Good, and His Mercies are new every morning.

His Word is Spirit and it is Truth. And sometimes, we all just need to get in the Spirit of things, that's all :-).

Happy Sunday !

 2005/8/7 13:19

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