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 Re: a few things i wanted to ask but didnt want to start a thread for each

so would it be right for me to just back off? i dont see anyone else taking the steps and trying to reach him though. that dooesnt necessarily mean there arent people God will put in his way, but i figured that if i could help along the way i should take the initiative, step out in faith and lean on God, sorry but this is just something thats been weighing on me for a couple of days.

Recently, I was in a situation where I knew I wouldn't be able to say the things I wanted to say (about the gospel) so I wondered what to do? Suddenly I realised - that's the beauty of prayer! No-one needs to know what's going on, but, God can still work in their life. So yip, I'd back off for now.

If you can take criticism to your face, especially in a slightly heated situation, you're doing well. Even if you think you're being constructive, the fact is, you're robbing the other person of options. Let them storm off. They may not realise they do this. And, they may prefer to do that than be reached. It's more important to keep mutual respect, than to win every round.

George Muller believed in keeping on praying until the answer was in his hand. Pray without ceasing, is, I believe, a spiritual state rather than a lot of 'doing' praying. I agree with you about praying in the Spirit and leaving it, but some prayer topics get under our skin and keep asking to be prayed for. I think that's ok too, as long as the obsession is coming from the Spirit and not the believer's mind.... :-(

 2005/8/9 18:33

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