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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Imagine in the future the UK and America an islamic nation

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Joined: 2005/1/6
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Hemel Hempstead

 Imagine in the future the UK and America an islamic nation

Lebanon and Iran used to be secular and Lebanon used to be a Christian nation and got over run by Islam

Alexandria was a Christian capital during the 500ad and Constantinople was a Christian centre

there is more Christian sites in Turkey than Israel including Armenia which was one of the first Christian nations now Muslim

The whole of north Africa was Christian as famous people like Augustine of hippo came from that area

Nazereth and Bethlehem were formerly Christian

The Muslims actually took all the way up to Spain before they got stopped by the crusades

With things like abortion, feminism, the LGBT agenda there main things is depopulation and things like porbography whilst the Muslims have many children whilst the population is decreasing

I so wish like Jabez oh that you would enlarge my territory, God provided Abraham out of a barren couple

In the UK we have had revivals in the past we had the Welsh revival, John Wesley and George Whitefield , we had the reformation , we have had kings like king Alfred who was a Christian who stood up against the tide

We have had Charles spurgeon who when preaching his sermons were spoken about in the newspapers

George Whitefield and John Wesley spoke to half of London at one time

During the Scotland revival god turned dance halls into churches

Where is that God as I do not want to imagine as London as a city like Egypt where we hear the Muslim call for prayer or in every other where the Muslim prayer call wakes us up or where Christians can't build churches due to the fact of Sharia law or are given the lowest jobs like brick workers in Pakistan and I wish God could change Pakistan

I do not want to go back to a culture in the states when you have cities like Houston with mosques bearing the skyscrapers in the skyline or the Muslim call for prayer and I do not want ladies walking in burkas and where you can see there eyes

I do not want Muslims in America to put Ramadan above the celebration of Christmas and Easter in the United states and England
I want to eat pork. Why can't we wake up as my heart cries as if the trajectory without is a revival is a country where we have the islamic state of the United Kingdom and the islamic state of America

I would rather hear church bells and Christians on there knees in prayer and many Christian children who believe jesus

I don't want the mosques replacing churches in the United Kingdom and UK

I sometimes feel like I am sounding a call and noone is hearing the cry
Jeremiah saw the trajectory of Israel in the bible when the Babylonians and in Ezekiel saw the corruption of the people who were in the temple worshiping other gods

Iran is having a revival as a Muslim nation

Dominic Shiells

 2023/11/4 18:27Profile

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Campbell River, B.C.

 Re: Imagine in the future the UK and America an islamic nation

My ancestry is English (with Scottish and Irish as well). My grandparents (on my mom's side) emigrated to the U.S. then Canada after WW2. They passed away many years ago; I don't think they'd recognize the U.K. now.

It's so sad that a nation John Bunyan called "a particularly fruitful field for the Lord" is being rotted from the inside out and subjugated to Islam and secularism.

Aside from Israel, England and Scotland produced more revivals than any other nation in history, and produced the strongest group of believers in the past 2,000 years (the Puritans and the Covenanters). Add to that the missionary endeavors of William Carey and C.T. Studd, the Salvation Army movement; England was the first nation to abolish slavery and wrote the Magna Carta.

I believe this is a deliberate attack from Satan who is angry and petulant towards a nation that is almost unparalleled in spreading the gospel.

I believe there is hope. The devil will not win in the end.

Nigel Holland

 2023/11/4 23:04Profile

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Scotland, UK


Scotland the land of revivals - a book that cover the revivalS from 1570 to the 1860 its a good read.

But that doesn't help us today.

Now Doms post reminds of a title of a book I would I am planning to write, the title would be the following.

"Moses my servant is dead"

The book is based on an meeting that I had with the living God and it was the night that God ordained me back in the late 1980's.

Jos 1:1-2 After the death of Moses the servant of the Lord, the Lord said to Joshua son of Nun, Moses’ aide: “Moses my servant is dead. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give to them — to the Israelites.

God speaks in the middle of death, the church is dead, the places you used to worship are dead - the revivals of the past are long gone.

But God speaks in the middle of death, and that was what I was asked that night when he was speaking "are you hearing God's voice?" (which I was)

"Moses my Servant is dead - now get up you and all this people" it was the night God spoke to me it was the night that God ordained me but that night wasn't just about me it was about a people that God was going to raise up. A people not just in our nation the UK but all over the nations.

Now with God being God, he will speak and he hasn't only spoke to me about these people. There are others the most famous of these is Jean Darnell she had a 3 different visions for revivals back in 1967.

Let's look at the vision she had and let's read what she says.

Jean Darnell - Then I asked the Lord, 'What does the lightning stand for?' And he said, 'Unlike the first part, in which I will be speaking to Christians and preparing My church and renewing it and reviving the saints, the lightning represents a second part of the vision, in which I will bring a spiritual awakening to the nation that will be a witness to the unsaved, to the un-churched, to the non-Christian.

Through these believers I will bring a witness to this land. They will be an army of witnesses. And I will begin to release their ministries so that when they give their testimonies there will be apostolic signs following and accompanying their testimonies.

Where ears have been deaf and hearts have been hard and eyes have been blind, I will touch the people of this land and they will begin to hear the testimony of My people, they will begin to see the manifestations of My power, and their hearts will begin to believe. Thousands and thousands of people are going to come into my kingdom through this
army of witnesses, through this people movement.

Dom - let me try and encourage you a bit more. God is going to take this nation, Jean calls them a Army of Witnesses. I would like to be able to let you know more but I can't let you know to much yet, other than that the book of Josuha is a book a complete and total victory and thats what God was saying that night.

In a nut shell what God is saying "victorious people" and it starts in our nation - don't believe me well let's go bit deeper - God in his wisdom has even named me after what he is going to do. Colin come from the name Nicholas and it means "victorious people".

Yes - I nearly fell of my chair what I found that out.

I recently got the chance to share my testimony, you can hear my story and how I got to the night that I met God if you like.

I hope you can understand me speaking with a Scottish accent.

Revival is coming to our nation - God is going to step down - and raise up a victorious people - and the gospel of the kingdom will be preached to the ends of the earth.

Colin Murray

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brother Dominic,

What an excellent moving post. We are living in a day of great compromise in the western countries. Self-seeking, pleasure, hedonism and lack of emphasis on the family is slowly crushing the Christian witness.

Bring the Church back to prayer and great first love for Jesus is the great thing we can do.

When our light shines no one can resist the love of Jesus. They either embrace it or crucify it.

Let us make an effort to pray and witness to our muslim neighbours.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Joined: 2005/1/6
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Hemel Hempstead


Unfortunately it is not only crushing the Christian witness as Christians are not having children , Muslims are.

The birthrate of Muslims is 4 times that of Christians

What happened in Lebanon which was formerly a Christian nation is terrible

What happened to Christian Lebanon


Dominic Shiells

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Dear brother Colin,

Thank you for sharing your testimony! I have not finished listening to the whole thing yet. I’m to the part where you are discussing anger issues.

Brother, I’m so sorry to hear that you lost a son, how old was he when he passed, if you are comfortable sharing?

We lost a son at 19 weeks last August. Even though he was so little and lost during the pregnancy, it was still very painful.

Yet I rejoiced to hear how God spoke to you during your grieving!

It is also encouraging to hear how hope filled you are for another move of God (in what you wrote to Dom above)! May it be so! 🙌

Love you brother❤️,


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Hemel Hempstead


This is what our enemy believes in and I don't believe in this , I believe Allah is maccah a deciever
The full text I have linked below

Islamic Eschatology

The Army Of Black Flags

The Mahdi’s ascendancy to power is said to be preceded by an army from the east who will be carrying black flags or banners of war. Sheikh Kabbani states:

Hadith indicate that black flags coming from the area of Khorasan will signify the appearance of the Mahdi is nigh. Khorasan is in todays Iran, and some scholars have said that this hadith means when the black flags appear from Central Asia, i.e. in the direction of Khorasan, then the appearance of the Mahdi is imminent. 17

Another tradition states that:

The Messenger of Allah said: The black banners will come from the East and their hearts will be as firm as iron. Whoever hears of them should join them and give allegiance, even if it means crawling across snow. 18

In Islam there are two flags. One is white and one is black. Written across both flags in Arabic are the words, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger”. The white flag is called Al-Liwaa and serves as the sign for the leader of the Muslim army and is the flag of the Islamic State. The black flag is called Ar-Raya and is used by the Muslim army. It is also called the flag of jihad, and is carried into battle. One flag is governmental and the other is a military flag. 19 When Muhammad returned to his home city of Mecca after being exiled for eight years, he returned as a conqueror. With him were ten thousand Muslim soldiers. They carried with them black flags. On the flags was one word written in Arabic: punishment. 20

I was once talking to a group of young Muslim men and asking them some questions. I asked them if the obvious superior militaries of America and Israel compared to the militaries of any Islamic nations were a source of difficulty for many Muslims. One of these men then became very angry at my question and snapped out, “You Americans and Zionists better get ready, because the black flags are coming!” At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about. Later I learned the meaning.
The Conquering Of Israel

Islamic tradition pictures the Mahdi as joining with the army of Muslim warriors carrying black flags. The Mahdi will then lead this army to Israel and re-conquer it for Islam. The Jews will be slaughtered until very few remain and Jerusalem will become the location of the Mahdi’s rule over the Earth.

Rasulullah [Muhammad] said: "Armies carrying black flags will come from Khurasan. No power will be able to stop them and they will finally reach Eela (Baitul Maqdas in Jerusalem) where they will erect their flags." 21

It is important to note here the reference above to “Baitul Maqdas”. In Arabic this means “the holy house”. This is referring to the Dome of the Rock Mosque and is located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

In a particularly venomous manner, Egyptian authors, Muhammad ibn Izzat and Muhammd ‘Arif comment on the above tradition:

The Mahdi will be victorious and eradicate those pigs and dogs and the idols of this time so that there will once more be a caliphate based on prophethood as the hadith states… Jerusalem will be the location of the rightly guided caliphate and the center of Islamic rule, which will be headed by Imam al-Mahdi… That will abolish the leadership of the Jews… and put an end to the domination of the Satans who spit evil into people and cause corruption in the earth, making them slaves of false idols and ruling the world by laws other than the Shari’a [Islamic Law] of the Lord of the worlds. (Emphasis mine) 22

There is a very famous tradition that is often quoted throughout the Islamic world that speaks of the Mahdi’s military campaign against Israel. The tradition is both sickening and very sobering:

The Prophet said… The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him… (Emphasis mine) 23

I so wish I had children to go against the muslims producing children like rabbits

Dominic Shiells

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Germany NRW

 Re: Imagine in the future the UK and America an islamic nation

What really troubles me is the BBC's subtle but nevertheless blatant support for Hamas in all their reporting.

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Hemel Hempstead


That is dangerous but during the time of the Arab Spring there was a few Christian nations that fell due to people like barak Obama and others supporting them

It was a protest in Egypt that brought the Egyptian government down and noone had even heard of the Muslim brotherhood which Hamas was part of

As they were banned from the country in Egypt they marked Christians doors with the letter n and persecution happened to the extreme

The BBC is bad

Dominic Shiells

 2023/11/7 1:57Profile

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But I have this against you: You have abandoned your first love. 5 Therefore, keep in mind how far you have fallen. Repent and perform the deeds you did at first. But if you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place. (Rev2:4,5 )

"From the flourishing state of the church, however, at Ephesus, for a time after this, there is reason to believe that both the pastor and his flock did repent, although, not long after, they declined again, and fell lower than ever; and this church, with the other churches addressed in these letters, was ruined and overthrown by heresies and divisions from within, and by the arms of the Saracens from without. So that Mohammedanism prevails and prospers in all those countries which were once the glory of Christendom, their churches being turned into mosques, and their worship into superstitions..." (Benson Commentary)

I believe the Lord has been giving us the same warnings for decades.
But we didn't repent and he removed the lampstand.


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