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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Serious allegations including sexual immorality directed against Mike Bickle

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 Serious allegations including sexual immorality directed against Mike Bickle

Saw this and thought to share...

Colin Murray

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 Re: Serious allegations including sexual immorality directed against Mike Bickle

Sadly I am not even remotely surprised. I spent time at IHOP in the early 2000s, and my spirit was never settled there. I've mentioned this in posts here before, but any of these movements that are popular and mainstream, relying on a message that is egocentric and based on man and what he receives from God, are suspect.

Not to long ago I posted that the true community of Jesus is going to have to pick up the pieces of the false charismatic/prophetic movement, would that I was wrong.

This is just the beginning I think, but a major victory for principalities and powers given the influence this movement has had, and still has.

The question is, how does this type of thing happen over the span of decades in a movement that makes its boast in the prophetic, yet Annanias and Saphira didn't last a day in the apostles church after telling 1 lie?

The article says this is a complicated situation, I find it very simple actually. The complication is that this movement has, from its inception, been based on personalities and money, and when the men fall no one knows what to do because the idol has fallen. The worst part is the movement will continue because the world system will hold it up, and the money will still flow.

This is possibly the worst time for this news to hit, but I don't think that was a coincidence. We are in apostate times, times that lack discernment and truly walking the Spirit. The faith of many will fail as a result of this, but God will be glorified in it. But yet another reason for the world to hate God, and the church, and disregard them in all forms. The fact this movement was heralded for so long as the among the ones to look to as true is the most revealing thing.

Look unto Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith brethren.

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The devil is no dummy.


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 Re: Responding to the Allegations against Mike Bickle

By Michael Brown


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I was asked by several brothers on this, my response was:

I do not want to speak publically in anyway about this as they are "accusations" I believe the process should be more finalized privately before it is brought out to the public. As now everyone wants to have "their say" on what POTENTIALLY has happened. this is gossip basically now.

I am going to lock this thread, let us pray for him and all involved till things become clear.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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