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 Making a Documentary Need Help on Ravenhill

Hi all, this is my first post.

I am producing a documentary film about the "once saved always saved" doctrine.

I am interviewing some of the most prominent voices on the side of conditional security.

I would also like to include a few clips from great voices in the past that spoke on the issue, and one of the best is Leonard Ravenhill.

I am wondering if you all could suggest some sermons that you know of in which he spoke on it in some way. For example he will often speak of backsliding, and quenching the holy spirit, etc

I am really looking for those amazing once liners he is so good at.

I have tried downloading transcripts and doing searches to find good moments, but there is just so much!

I thought this might be the one place in the world that someone would know of a video that I should consider.

FYI I plan on getting full permission from the appropriate people, but I wanted to find the clips I wanted to use first.

Also if you know of others great video sermons on the issue that speak against once saved always saved in some way PLEASE dont hesitate to share.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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 Re: Making a Documentary Need Help on Ravenhill


I am sure others could help you along here. Here is a short quote to get started:

"You say that you're saved, well, what are you saved from?" - Leonard Ravenhill

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Making a Documentary Need Help on Ravenhill

The Lord used Brother Ravenhill in my conversion. 2 sermons immediately come to to mind that are available here:

What is your life? (there is a video recording floating around if you can find it)

Woe, Lo and Go (or any of his sermons on Isaiah 6, that was a consistently preached from passage of his).

I will say that he isn't an authority on "conditional security", just a staunch proponent of the plain fact that the body of Christ is not necessarily the people you see every Sunday in church buildings.

Brother Greg (sermonindex) is a wealth of quotes however, he would be the authority on that front.

Since you are looking for others as well, Art Katz is a modern prophetic voice that has deep insight into this.

If it is the Lord's will, may he bless your endeavors.

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Thanks so much! Ill check them out asap!

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Any update? While online resources can provide valuable information, relying on free essays from this website may compromise the principles of originality and personal effort. Instead, consider using such resources as references and learning tools. Use them to understand essay structures and styles, but always produce your own work to develop critical thinking and writing skills.

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 Re: Making a Documentary Need Help on Ravenhill

I knew Len and Martha- not well, but I met him when he came to a church I was attending back in the early 1960's. The pastor had invited him to speak- but no one was prepared for what the man could do. Len plunged the scalpel, and pulled it hard to the places he probably should not have gone- but those niceties were not in his quiver of arrows. within 6 months the church had split- all traceable to the day he came to town. He made one friend there- a man of God who was something of a mentor to me. He and Len corresponded for many years after that.

Just a couple of things from that time in the misty past. I was with a friend in the church foyer, and as he walked past us he noticed my friend's sweatshirt- "University of Minnesota."

"It'll fill your head, son, but it will never fill your heart!" Then he just kept walking...

I remember the night of the opening message, and I should have known right then that I was in a room with a nuclear bomb. I was in High School, and I used to sit in the front row with friends. We were sitting there before the meeting, and Len was alone in a chair on the platform. No one had any idea who he was.

People were slowly coming in casually talking with the usual pre-service banter of zero spiritual content. But as we sat there, and as Len watched them come in, I heard him say quietly- "Pigs!"

Hoooo, doggies! I don't remember the message itself, but I was so taken by the brutal assessment of the small town's leading citizens being called for what they were in the eyes of a real prophet. And to this day- that is my most poignant memory of the man!

Some years later I was with my family moving to California and we stopped in Texas with friends, a short distance from his home. I went over and just spent about an hour- he was cordial- but that cranky personality never let up. He was the kind of guy that didn't seek out friends- that would take a long time to accomplish. But he was indeed the treasure we know today, best from a little distance!

Tom Cameron

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