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This is too analytical and critical. Let's have grace for brethren with different emphasis than we do. People can get victory and the work of the Spirit different ways than we do and it can still be the end goal. Meaning they are in "union" with God.

I believe Vlad is a upcoming leader in the body of Christ. He is a wonderful preacher and as the other brother shared he is very biblical and I enjoy him as a younger brother leading so many into truth.

Again is the Holy Spirit just a power or something to lead us to truth. Or is He an actual Person. "Holy Spirit" make yourself real to us today.

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The Holy Spirit leading us to truth is in fact my whole point dear brother.

I hope I am just being overly critical and overly analytical, sincerely I do. But as I sent that post my burden for you lifted and a peace filled my heart that I discharged my duty writing what God would have me write to you dear brother.

This entire thread has been a cross borne for me, because everything I posted has every reason to be ignored and written off as fanatical and coming from someone who has been through a massive wilderness and death, to the point of discrediting any authority I feign to still possess in the Spirit. I have no confidence in the flesh, God made sure of that.

The mentality of the ends justifying the means was among the first things do die, which turned my entire life upside down. God has one means to every end.

But the question remains, is what I posted truth and from God? If not I am in sin. If so, what then?

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You remind me of what I was like ten years ago. What then? err on the side Grace, treat it like sin, treat it like you judged a good holy brother and possibly millions of charismatics harshly and possibly wrong.

I did this and some years later experienced my personal revival and awakening, which is what I'd been praying for, for 15,20 years.

Which resulted in freedom from anxiety and depression, and brought back the joy unspeakable that I knew at the baptism of the spirit 20-something years ago that I had lost through trials and tribulations.

The sin of harshly judging Christians is one of the worst sins a Christian can continue to practice, it always hides behind the veil of perceived correct doctrine. That was my experience the result was not being able to truly love the brothers with deep grones in the spirit and also my enemies.

Most of what we judge and desire to rebuke and reprove remains outside of our biblical sphere of influence unless we are within Christ's ascension Gift ministry position anyway.

Even Paul said he was limited in Authority.

But we can pray and encourage and love those who are not under our sphere of authority with tears asking for mercy upon us all equally, for we all equally need the same Grace and Mercy.

I can at any time go back to judging and not accepting in true love my stranger Prophetic charismatic brothers, the temptation will raise its ugly head still from time to time.

So what I'm saying is taste and see,

and put down the gavel and let God deal with what he says he will deal with one way or another, you can change your mind, This won't grieve or quench the spirit, but not loving the brothers and judging and rejecting will always lead into the snare of deception and blindness because it is perpetually sinful and destructive to soul and communion with God and the saints.

These sins keep the old man and nature Alive even tho we can declare I died with Christ and it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.

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The book claims:
"Your intimacy with the Holy Spirit is the key to boldness and boldness is the key to miracles."

From God's Word: "Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus." (Acts 4:13)

"The truth that knowing the Bible and a real relationship with Jesus is more important that formal education and degrees has been proven in the lives of God’s servants again and again. It has been proven true through such servants of God as Charles Spurgeon, D.L. Moody, William Carey, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and Hudson Taylor." David Guzik

"From start to finish, and everywhere in-between, we see that the life of the early church was consumed with Jesus. They knew him and were open about him. This is the boldness that characterized the church then and should characterize the church today." Desiring God

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Brother ESchaible,

I share your concern about Vlad and others that have come into vogue of late on youtube. I pray we all may keep our eyes on Jesus as we get closer to the end as many will come deceiving and being deceived!



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by AbideinHim
“Brother I sincerely hope I am missing something, but this seems to be yet another "everything is a demon" message that ignores, or gives lip service to the death of the self so central to Jesus teachings.”

Brother, I say this respectfully that you don’t know what Brother Vlad teaches other than casting out demons. This Brother is very balanced in all aspects of the Word.

I have watched many videos by Brother Vlad, and I believe that he is solid and scriptural.

Brother. You are the only one that I know of that calls this brother a super apostle. He has never referred to himself as such.

I am thankful that there are a few brothers in the church that are casting out demons. The deliverance ministry has been neglected, but it is needed.

I have not listened to a lot of Vlad, I believe he and his brother started out as an internet church for young generation years ago!

Well, yesterday (after all the hoop-a-la on here about him) before church I put on one of his recent sermons, "You Must Know This About Prayer" and WOW!! I was taking notes and then listened to the rest of it on the way to church! It's about the secret place.

If "YOU" (whoever you might be), want a deeper prayer life, please listen to this. But if you believe that you are good right where you are, then you will miss some very good teaching on the subject!

But I am a woman, what do I know?!! :) :) :)


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“But I am a woman, what do I know?!! :) :) :)”

Hi Lisa!

If it wasn’t for the women that faithfully attended the prayer meetings that I was leading years ago, I would have been the only man there at times.

Thank God the men are stepping up to the plate at last!


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