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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : 10 Things They're NOT Telling You About the New AI

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 10 Things They're NOT Telling You About the New AI

This post is just for general information. Any comment?


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 Re: 10 Things They're NOT Telling You About the New AI


That video has many valid concrete points to be concerned over Artificial Intelligence. The way AI is manufactured and programmed to adapt and learn, it can make it unstable in some cases. And in truly open models of AI where they are complex enough self-learning and set AI models on paths where they can, have and will excel past human knoweldge and ability. It's like trying to catch a rabbit if you are a turtle, that can be the danger once AI gets smart enough.

Overall AI in basic cases is very useful and we are trying to utilize basic AI models for some repetitive tasks on AI such as "transcriptions" and creation of "descriptions" for content or finding scripture verses mentioned.

SermonAudio is using AI currently for translation of audio sermons to other languages.

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 Re: 10 Things They're NOT Telling You About the New AI

Hi all,
Ive been carefully watching this subject all year.
For some reason (not good) media outlets started pushing a conversation about AI.AI this AI that ,AI this other.This conversation only started this year to any great extent and seems to have been co ordinated and has been discussed by all political backgrounds.
I think this push to discuss AI is strange.
What was just a regular Computer programmes last year in 2022 is now being called AI.The majority of things if not all we are saying are "AI" are just programmable computer programmes such as the one that mimics singers voices etc
What ever is the idea of the excelerated pushing of the existance of AI this year I dont know but its sinister and organised,
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