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 Prayer for healing and protection

Hey guys, could you please keep me in prayer. I have just recently started having some shooting pain in my foot and I don't know what the issue is but it's extremely painful and I'm just worried about it. I recently been doing a lot of out reach at our church and trying to reach people for Christ and I noticed that sometimes there's a direct correlation of spiritual attacks also. So please pray for my protection also.While I'm talking about that too I've been having a inner struggle with getting people to be proactive at our church to to weekly go witness and a lot of times people aren't showing up or not wanting to go in there's like just silence it seems even from a lot of the leader ship at the church. My pastor on the other hand is very proactive with witnessing and he's comes with me also sometimes. But often he's busy with other ministry activities and people in the church so he's not able to go. But it just seems like a lot of times I'm going out there by myself and I was trying to embrace that at first being by myself doing it but it has slightly got me a little frustrated and angry that no one is going and that a lot of the leader ship doesn't seem to care that much I guess you could say. Could you please pray for our church living faith community church and especially some of the younger people in the church that they would wanna be motivated for Christ.Pray that my heart would be humble and walk in the spirit and not lift myself up

 2023/8/18 18:17

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 Re: Prayer for healing and protection

Praying for you now John. May Christ now fill you with love, power and wisdom as you look to Him in all things.


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Hemel Hempstead


Praying for you

Dominic Shiells

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Hey guys I've been starting to feel a lot better since last night and I do appreciate the prayers. I'm struggling with some sins of the flesh like anger and lust and pride and it seems like every time I fall into the easy enemy attacks me. I don't know if that makes any sense but that's what it seems like.

 2023/8/19 14:27

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