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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : UN Chief: ‘Link Bank Accounts To IDs Globally’

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 UN Chief: ‘Link Bank Accounts To IDs Globally’

NEW YORK (Worthy News) – The United Nations secretary general wants to introduce a worldwide digital identity document (ID) system linked to individuals’ bank accounts.

Antonio Guterres writes in a policy brief seen by Worthy News that “Digital IDs linked with bank or mobile money accounts can improve the delivery of social protection coverage and serve to better reach eligible beneficiaries.”

He adds that “Digital technologies may help to reduce leakage, errors and costs in the design of social protection programs.”

The plan, similar to the system developed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), comes despite concerns it would lead to more control by unelected officials over people’s lives.

In his brief on “Our Common Agenda,” Guterres makes clear that his “vision” should receive the green light in September 2024 during “The Summit for the Future.”

The U.N. move follows an initiative by the WEF with a leading biometrics company to advance its own agenda to digitize humanity.

Swedish biometrics company Fingerprint Cards participates in WEF’s New Champions Community, an assembly of mid-sized enterprises.


The WEF says it wants to promote “biometric forms” of digital ID and says the technology serves as a steward of “social inclusion.”

The New Champions Community’s schedule includes a meeting in Tianjin, China, from June 27 to 29 during the WEF Summer Davos gathering.

“Essentially, the objective is to have people, devices, and entities, all tied up in a connected network that could be centrally administered, seemingly by unelected bureaucrats,” complained commentator Frank Bergman of the media outlet.

“When those planning this future scheme worry about any negative impact, they never see it as potentially affecting everyone – but only “civil society (…) or selected groups excluded from social benefits.”

The revealed U.N. initiative of the global linking of bank accounts personal IDs with bank accounts comes after Guterres already unveiled a “Global Digital Compact” to police “hate and lies” about issues such as climate change.

Guterres said that the “advent of generative [Artificial Intelligence] AI must not distract us from the damage digital technology is already doing to our world.”

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 Re: UN Chief: ‘Link Banks Accounts To IDs Globally’

This does not surprise me. They are doing the exact opposite.
We are heading for a totalitarian System. Bible prophesy is taking shape before our very eyes.
They think they can control us, but they are driven as puppets by the Lord of this world. Their time is limited and they will only suceed for a tiny moment in world history before the Lord returns with his saints and makes and end to it all.

The Lord permits this in due course, is is all about purifying His bride, nothing else. We must overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the testimony of our word.

Let us not love our lifes and die to self daily.

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