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Reading, UK


Wow, that mult-media page is power propoganda. It has a few factual errors in it, but it is certainly a powerful statement. I am not anti-semitic, nor anti-Jew, not even anti-Israeli, but anti-Zionist, yes I think I am probably anti-Zionist.

Ron Bailey

 2005/8/12 2:58Profile

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United Kingdom


Hi Philologos,

What exactly is anti-Zionist? Yes, that is some seriously powerful propoganda. Have you ever read any magazines by Jews for Jesus?

I am a little tired now, so I will get back with what I read it was quite wonderful.

In Jesus,

Eric John Sawyer

 2005/8/22 19:28Profile

Joined: 2003/7/18
Posts: 6566
Reading, UK

 Re: Glad!

Zionism has to do with territorial objectives. Both Sinaitic Judaism and Islam are territorial. Christianity was never territorial although Christendom, in the form of the Roman church, became territorial at the time of the Crusades. It is territory that has brought the Zionism, Islam and Christendom into unresolvable conflict. The Muslim world is still smarting over Christendom's crusades and Zionism's expansionist aspirations.

By anti-Zionist, btw, I mean the idea not the people.

Yes, I used to get Jews for Jesus stuff regularly, but stopped some time ago.

Ron Bailey

 2005/8/24 3:34Profile

 Re: To the Jew first ?

I just read over the thread on 'To the Jew first?'. Very interesting. :-)
An article I just came upon by Robert Murray M'Cheyne ties in very well with what aeryck had to say

aeryck wrote:
...Unfortunately, today too many within the evangelical church are denying the clear Scriptural mandate to share the Gospel to the Jew first (Rom. 1:16)...

Here is the link to the article:

It's kind of lengthy but well worth the read for those interested in this very important topic. Robert M'Cheyne was right on!

Ps. 122:6

 2005/8/24 18:30

 Ron Bailey

anti-zionist, but not anti-Israel?


"Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the great river, the Euphrates--all the Hittite country--to the Great Sea on the west".
Joshua 1:4

I'd say Israeli policy makers have some room for expansion.

Ronnie, Britain's a wonderful little Kingdom that I dearly love, but I do think they invoked some Divine displeasure post 1945 when they worked overtime opposing the Hand of God in the creation of the State of Israel.

Most of the British foreign service from the time of the Balfour declaration was decidely pro-arab, and from that time period 1917 till 1948 coincided with the long slide from world imperial power for the UK. and if I'm not mistaken those twilight years in the UK, post war, was a dismal period of lack in the life of England.It's a very dangerous national proposition to toy with God's chosen people. Soon the mullahs in Iran will discover this, much to their ruin.

Ronnie, in my opinion, it seems a very difficult balancing act to call oneself "anti-zionist", but not "anti-Israel".

gently I say that.

 2005/8/24 18:55

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