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 Having A Servant's Heart by David Valderrama

One with a servant's heart reflexively takes the lowest seat; for all of his thoughts, feelings, and desires naturally prefers others.

A servant is one who seeks out the needs of others, who is aware of the needs of others and who lives to meet those needs. A servant seeks not his own comfort, his own happiness, or to fulfill His own interests, but lives to completely satisfy his master.

One with a servant's heart is not offended when treated like a servant.

For such a one abides in the lowest place.

"Even Christ pleased not Himself" (Romans 15:3).

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 Re: Having A Servant's Heart by David Valderrama

I like to say to my kids, "Picture a stage where Christ Jesus is center. There's one spotlight and it's shining over His head and no one else's. Always resist the urge to crowd Him. Always strive to stay in the shadows and let Him have His rightful place. This way, self is starved and humility is fed."


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 Re: Having A Servant's Heart by David Valderrama

If they simply never thought of it, you could make a case for overseeing your department.

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