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 Quote from "The New Covenant Unveiled" by David Wilkerson

"In his prophetic eye, Micah saw multitudes in the last days running from place to place, seeking to hear a true word from God. He envisioned believers scurrying from church to church, from revival to revival, from nation to nation - all seeking to satisfy a hunger and thirst for something to nourish their souls. The cry is still heard, "Woe is me - there is no cluster..."

"My heart goes out to every person who has been snared by soulish revivals, or by the bloodless, powerless, contemporary gospel. Tragically, one day these multitudes will stand before God's judgment seat unprepared."

Excerpt from "The New Covenant Unveiled" by David Wilkerson, pages 104-105 (selected paragraphs)

Scripture reference from Micah chapter 7.

Nigel Holland

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 Re: Quote from "The New Covenant Unveiled" by David Wilkerson

Thanks for the post. The preparation and readiness of the Bride for His arrival was and remains the vital teaching of Jesus and his apostles and prophets. The evil one knows that and has fomented doctrines and stirred desires even among true believers that lead others away from a dedication to or focus on their own preparations or in assisting others in theirs. The Last Days ministry must have this as a focus. To do otherwise potentially leads to a “trampling of the Son of God, a profaning of the blood of his covenant and an insulting of the Spirit of grace”. This demands great caution.


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