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 Day 2 (May 8) - Isaiah 62 Fast


“And I will betroth you to me for ever; I will betroth you to me in
righteousness and in justice, in steadfast love, and in mercy. I will betroth
you to me in faithfulness; and you shall know the LORD.”
Hosea 2:19–20 RSV

There is a matchless excitement associated with getting engaged.
Feelings of love fly high as the engagement draws near. Mutual
admiration, passionate desire, and untainted joy fill the heart of the
future bride and bridegroom. They experience a unique blend of
freshness, innocence, and hope for the future. They are so focused on
each other that the surroundings seem to vanish. The doors of blissful
love are wide open in front of them.

God promised to betroth Israel when she was behaving like a
prostitute. His jealous love ends up making everything new. His
undeserved tenacious affection transforms the future of Israel. God does
not condemn His Bride. He wants her for Him alone, free from all her other lovers. She is neither rejected nor disqualified. Israel is loved, and
yes, loved forever!

God expresses His emotions towards Israel with the language of
engagement. He is not bored or burdened. He is not keeping His
covenant reluctantly because of a sense of duty. He is still passionate
about His Bride. His conquering love passes over any heartbreaking
disappointments. Israel is so precious to Him. He will not let her go. He
will not let her be seduced by strangers. He will bring her into His world
of righteousness, steadfast love, and mercy. Israel will be transformed
and will know Him. Whatever the past, God opens a bright future for
His beloved Israel.


Our Father,
We bless Your holy name. We thank you for Your everlasting love for
Israel. Thank you for letting us understand Your feelings for Israel. You
express Your zealous affection with some of the strongest emotions of
the human heart.
We pray for the Jewish people, specifically for those who think that
they have gone too far from You. Let them know who You are. Let them
know Your heart for them. Let them know that You are ready to write a
new story with them and that they have a bright future with You.
Give compassion and boldness to the Body of Messiah worldwide
to share the good news of Your character with them. Raise up many
faithful witnesses to reach out to the Jewish people.
In the name of Jesus. Amen.


Day 2 (Day 32 of the Omer, 8 May 2023) Verse 2 (a)

”The Gentiles shall see Your righteousness and all kings your glory.”

YHVH, You created me for love. Your majestic yet tender love calls forth righteousness in me, transforming me and inspiring still greater love. May this soon be so for all Israel. You desire righteousness in Zion so she might share holy, intimate and infinite, fellowship with You. You patiently, yet passionately, await the day when love fellowship is restored not just with a remnant within her, but with all Israel as a truly righteous nation. Through her, You desire to display Your righteousness to the Gentiles and showcase Your glory to all kings. Because Your heart yearns no less for them than for Zion, by the righteousness of Yeshua, this wonderous reality already unfolds. May it increase and may the day of its fulfillment be hastened! Loving Abba, grant me – and grant all Israel --- the gracious gift of conviction of sin unto righteousness.

Forgive us of our lovelessness, pride, unbelief and bend toward unrighteousness. Forgive us for thinking You do not exist, or have forsaken and rejected us. Open the eyes of our hearts so we may see that it is we who have collectively rejected You and Your beloved Son. In Yeshua’s Name, heal us with the medicine of Your love. Let it saturate deep to rouse our desire for true righteousness, holiness and love-driven obedience that comes by faith. Let all nations see the dazzling miracle of Your righteousness and glory manifest in Israel, so they, too, may be drawn deeper and deeper into Your heart. As You draw in the Gentiles, lovingly open the eyes of their hearts to see the blessing, for their sake and Yours, of aligning in love with Israel. Let this, too, cause the unparalleled glory of Your righteousness to explode on earth! Thank You for hearing my cries and moving on behalf of all Your people.

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