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Hey guys, could you please lift me up in prayer. Over the last few months I've tried to with my dad passing find a good paying job to provide for my family and my mom with the mortgage that we're gonna have to split pain paying.Anyways I've made some very not so wise job choices. I took a job that really puts a lot of pressure on your back and it's reaggravated an old back injury in the nerves in my back. So I'm going to actually have to stop working this job and now I got a find somewhere to provide for my family financially and I don't really know what to do. I know there's a lot of jobs out there but ones that can pay good enough and also not hurt my back are very hard to find. Please lift up my family and me if you can. I know that my wife and my family might not be happy with my decision to have to step down from this position.

 2023/4/20 14:29

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 Re: Healing

My wife and I will be praying for you and your family, John.


 2023/4/20 15:16Profile


Thanks Chris. I appreciate the prayers. I need it many ways along with my family.

 2023/4/29 14:49


Hey everyone, man I have been getting overwhelmed with demonic attacks again really bad again. I have been trying to figure out why again. Last night I was putting together our Churches evangelism program for the year and it could be from the enemy. Please keep me in your prayers. These are as bad as the attacks that were happening in 2011-2012. This has made me think I won't be able to work.

 2023/5/6 15:20

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