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Up! to the field a-going,
While 'tis a day cloudless:
Night, when none a-working
Can be, draweth unslowless.

Up to the work! Go work today:
For thine night surely cometh!
Work on and on: cast aside delay;
For the King's, haste demandeth.

Thine life is but like a vapour:
As it appeareth, soon vanisheth;
A living dead; vanity its captor!
A fading flower; a smoking hearth.

Real living, is living to the cross:
Dwelling under its shadow daily!
Aside, thou livest but for a dross-
A vexation of spirit; empty vanity!

Care not then for the empty show;
Give not thine heart to vain glory:
That clueless worldlings ever vow
To live and die for, without eternity.

Thine life is one! Only one, not two.
This can be spent on but one thing:
For Christ and His kingdom true;
Or for Satan and flesh-the old being.

Choose Heaven today for thy good;
Break from other lords and masters-
Cast lot with 'Calvary brotherhood'!
Up! bear the cross with the brothers!

When this bruised reed dryeth up;
This smoking flask become wet
With death cold dew; and we surp
On his table, we shall see the blest!

-OJOJE(The least of all)

Ojoje Adeyi

 2023/3/30 12:27Profile

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