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Give us the days as past:
When true fear of sin, abiding;
Penitential tears on altars cast;
And men's Hearts, self-chiding!

Give us those reviving visit,
When thy sky was torn opened:
Fixed on earth's thy royal seat.
Oh, let thy heaven again be reopened!

For Pentecostal flame, we cry—
No tears for gold and fame;
Give burnings, or we would die!
Send revival fire for the sake of thy name!

Oh, let thy flaming, enriching
Name run through the earth;
Conquering thrones; reviving
From sin, the grave, and death!

Burning heart, eyes seeing;
Lips sharp, and thoughts divine,
We pray, give to thy ministering
Ones, who speak what's thine.

Give a taste of that glorious day,
A day cloudless; eternal morning:
Unmixed, and ever-beaming ray
Engulfing that forever dawning!

Lord, for the sake of the just,
Thy Christ, our Lord, and friend,
Who for our sake kissed the dust,
Grant that we see a glorious end!

Ojo'je Ad'eyi

Ojoje Adeyi

 2023/3/26 2:16Profile

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