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Lancashire, England


personally all i can say is that i used to listen to extreme heavy metal before i was saved.

when i got saved i stopped listening to the satanic stuff, then a few weeks later the really agressive stuff, then a few weeks later anything that had swearing in it, further down the line i listened to only kind of indie stuff like coldplay, keane, radiohead (ye know not pro, nor really anti-christian)etc..

Now all i listen to, besides sermons, is christian music, not christian bands, because there are some christian bands and you wouldn't know, they dont mention Jesus, or salvation etc.. but music that is christian, talks about the Lord, His power and glory, is edifying etc..

Since then which was about 3 months ago i do feel the Lord drawing closer because now when i have music stuck in my head it's about Him, instead of some guys girlfriend or how depressing the world is etc..

wow that quite a few etc's hey!


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Brooklyn, USA

 Re: SP


Arnaldo Santiago, Jnr.

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It was almost exactly the same for me.

Hal Bachman

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well, i can tell from my own experience there was once a time i really felt the lord wanted me to give up any secular music...after a big fight inside of me i gave in and said yes.
but then a sudden peace came over me and i believe god spoke to my heart: its ok, you can listen to the music you want as long is you can glorify me with this music, as long as we can listen to this music together, i only wanted you giving me this area of my life im not after your secular music but after your heart

Daniel Sahm

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 Re: Secular Music


I read this thread an you got a lot of advice which I consider excellent.

Now I would like to ask you something for you to consider: when you question something in your spirit - about its rightness or wrongness - is it not the Holy Spirit speaking to you? Think about it.

I am glad you are honest enough to ask about it..


Sandra Miller

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