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The Lord, in His goodness and for the Glory of His Name, is pouring out His Spirit again. To be honest He’s been doing it all over the world —as well as in the hearts of many in small pockets in the West. In His great love He’s wanting to rescue a generation, restore His church (not ours!), and reclaim the heart of His people. The heavenly invitation to come into something deeper, something dangerous, something outside the church norm is being amplified in this moment.

I encourage everyone all over the West to get into gatherings where JESUS IS THE HEAD and the HOLY SPIRIT is given freedom to lead and move among the people. (Note, gatherings are not “the answer”, JESUS is. HE always has been and always will be. HE IS THE WAY, not gatherings. Amen.)

That said, our spiritual heritage knew to get to an upper room. Together. In one accord. To seek HIM. To wait on HIS SPIRIT. To be about HIS commands. To love HIM. So an appeal to all. Just get to those gatherings where JESUS IS SOUGHT AFTER, EXALTED, AND ADORED. Where people wait on HIS SPIRIT and respond to HIM. Get there. Where hunger overcomes performance, humility defeats prideful parading, and the fire burns away the religious politics. Whether it be a couple of people praying or many pursuing the LIVING GOD, get your log in the fire. Get your embers positioned in the Wind. Get your knees bent and heart rent. Get raw and get real. Get there. Humbly posture yourself in the place drenched with tears of prayers, faith, desperation, and hunger. The SPIRIT is moving and hovering and waiting to pour out all over the land. Everywhere. Except where HE is rejected, resisted, and refused. Therefore, respond with reverence and repentance to the SPIRIT’s prompting. Be drawn out of the norm and be drawn into the Kingdom norm. Exit whatever you need to exit in order to enter what you need to enter. Cross this threshold. Whether that be a religious system/thinking or the busyness of the world. Just exit and get in. Let go of the stubbornness. Let go of the distractions. Let go of the false safety. The HOLY SPIRIT is not safe to our human thoughts, ways, or cravings. HE is Holy. Following JESUS is the most dangerous thing you will ever do yet it’s the safest thing you will ever do. You will die, but you will truly live. Get to a community that goes there. Get to where everything of the flesh is placed on the cross and the fear & awe of the LORD is present. Where love for JESUS is authentic, ardent, and audacious…where it’s raw, risky, and relational. Get there.
Let go of the man-woven theological tug ropes. Put them down for a moment. Let your rope-burned, calloused hands and your critical heart heal. Forgive who you need to forgive.
Reconcile with whom the Spirit is telling you to reconcile with. Draw near to the LORD and get with a people who are too busy seeking HIM to be engaged in the world and defending the religion of men. Get to where the SPIRIT’s love and holiness is pouring upon a people. Exit the franchise so you can gather as a family. Where faith is fueled, selfless love is flowing, and the “holy, holy, holy” unto the HOLY ONE is first, foremost, and forever continuous. Where eyes are locked on the ONE SEATED ON THE THRONE and undone cries of “woe is me” and purified lips declare “here am I, send me”. Get there. Where condemnation is crushed yet conviction is celebrated. Get there. Where “the program” has ceased and unceasing prayer and unrelenting praises of the royal priesthood break forth to the PREEMINENT ONE. Get there. Where “the service” has dissolved and the CHIEF SHEPHERD is leading HIS sheep. Get there. Deep in your heart let HIM lead you there. Where HOLY SPIRIT stewardship has replaced man’s ownership and the SHEPHERD’s voice has silenced men’s voices. Get there.

Respond well and experience the refreshing wells of the SPIRIT! Bow low and experience the platform being leveled at the weight of HIS PRESENCE! Get there. Where the “I must decrease so HE can increase” is invading every heart. Get there. Where rivers of repentance are flowing and reconciliation is real. Where forgiveness is unavoidable and the impossible becomes possible. Get there.

Stop playing western church and cross into the praying, pursuing, and praise-filled Kingdom community of CHRIST. Stop the slumbering, spiritually slouching, and the soulish silliness. Stop building your ministry and start yielding to THE BUILDER. Let the lights dim so THE LIGHT can shine! Let go of the control and let HIM turn up the dial of HIS GLORY. Repent of the selfish, consumerist ways. Repent of being an entertainer so the SPIRIT can now enter in. Be brave and courageous and decrease so all can see JESUS increase. De-robe of the Sunday garb and put on the selfless, blood-dyed garments of THE CRUCIFIED ONE.
Get there. Surrender.

Get to where the whole body functions under the HEADSHIP OF THE LAMB and every member has THE BLOOD flowing through its veins. Get there. Where the least of these is honored and the less presentable parts are given the greatest honor. Get there. Where it’s messy yet majestic, broken yet beautiful, and grungy yet glorious. -Get there because HE’s there.
Renounce the pride. Renounce the doubt. Renounce the fear. Renounce the continuous clanging conferences and carefully crafted Sunday classrooms & cash-rooms. Renounce the need to be accepted and acceptable to others. Renounce the need to be noticed and congratulated. Renounce the need to have your picture on the pamphlet. Renounce the need to look good, “anointed”, safe, and appealing to men. Get to where it’s uncomplicated, untethered, unpolished, and undone. Get to where the nameless and faceless are found facedown and proclaiming THE NAME above all names. Get there. Where the miraculous overtakes the modern methods of “ministry” and the supernatural supersedes “the show”. Get there. Where the audience has become an army and the pew sitters have become participators.

Where the buyers and sellers have been driven out. Get there. Where the “CEO’s” have ceased from their plans and become humble facilitators of the SPIRIT’s plan. Where the Christian celebrities aren’t worshipped and the idols are thrown down. Get there. Where the crowds ears aren’t itched but CHRIST and the cross is modeled and preached. Get there. Where human emotion has given way to divine devotion and now the emotions of THE RESURRECTION are unearthed in all. Get there. Where the “Thy Kingdom come” and the “Thy will be done” is bellowing out from the holy nation. Where doubt is met with undoubtable truth and a spirit of unbelief is met with unbelievable faith. Get there.
Where love is fervent, fearless, and forever. Where JESUS is KING, LORD, SAVIOR, and the HEAD OF HIS CHURCH. Get there. Don’t miss this heavenly invitation of a visitation of the SPIRIT for the habitation of GOD among HIS family. Just get there.

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