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 Dream coming true?You decide

all I just want to give an update on a dream I had which I put on a post below some time a go perhaps 2 yrs ago approx
I believe this came true the other day and will be ongoing.
As you know the vote for speaker took place and for the first time since 1923 it went past the first vote.
I gave a basic outline of the dream below and one thing that was clear to me in the dream that it was the people on the right of the chair that were so upset as you face the chair and this didnt make any sense at the time because they are Republicans who sit there but it became clear last week.
1 The dream was about the congress
2 The congress became so upset
They became so upset the other night that their was some pushing and shoving because 6 congressman held all the power and wouldnt vote in McCarthy
3 A man with power to adminisiter justice came to the fore.
Two people emerged similar to Helmut Narpoth on the night and one was Matt Gaetz the florida congressman .Whats interesting when it comes to similarity Helmut Narpoth is German born and the name Gaetz means "being from Germany"
The other is Kevin McCarthy who seems to be acting on all his promises that Gaetz got.This would not have happened if the Republicans had won the expected landslide in the elections,
4The proof is in the eating
So I expect in the coming days for the sauce for the gander to be dished out .Judge for yourself

Here is the dream that I outlined that I copied and pasted and this was the exact words.

Prophetic Words Concerning The Days Ahead

The dream
Whats good sauce for the goose is sauce for the Gander

Basically I saw what appears to be Congress and a man who looked similar to Helmut Norpoth who has a system of predicting the US election results called "The Primary Model".In the Dream it was clear he was similar looking but it was not him.Somehow this guy was given legal authority and it surprized all the people who I believe were elected congressmen and the were very bitter over it in their reaction but ultimately could not do anything about it.The significance of Norpoth is that he predicted Trump to win both 2016 and 2020 elections.I heard whats sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.I felt this means that this man would adminster the same treatment that was dished out to the people who dished it out themselves and where the chips fell they fell.

urs staff

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 Re: Dream coming true?You decide

I'm not entirely sure what I have just read and what it has to do with Christianity? I'm from Australia, so some context would help as it's about American politics and I'm not familiar with who's who in the zoo.

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Hi Wildhorse,
I originally posted my dream in response to a post someone put up called

"Prophetic Words Concerning The Days Ahead"

In the debate one the avenues discussed was whether prophesy was for today or can any of it be trusted kinda a thing.

As I had got a dream regarding the political situation in the US I shared a quick version of it.
I now know that my prophetic dream has come to pass ,(not entirely the way I thought it would or in other wards i intrepreted my own dream slightly wrongly.)
Someone with authority has come in charge of the US congress and the mess will be dealt with .This has big implications for Christians in the US and the west.
Here is a link to the entire post urs staff

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Also got saved in Melbourne in 1988/89

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