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 Theological writings - using non-understandable words and phrases (edited)

Maybe I'm just a hillbilly who loves the old fashioned ways. When I did get saved though, I went to Bible college and got a simple three year degree in Theology. Yet at this late stage, I still read theologians who use phrases written in the original languages of Hebrew or Greek. You can only get a very general sense of what the words or phrases mean. And they use fancy Latin phrases that only they know what the meaning is. Most theologians do a good job, but it seems many who supposedly want theology to be understandable to the common Christian defeat their own cause with all the fancy stuff. What do you think? I don't believe I am am anti-intellectual but "keep it simple" seems a good piece of advice to many theologians of higher learning. Not all, but many.

I'm venting I guess but I've had this growing realization over the past few years. I'm not speaking of devotional writings and the like. But many of the "deep" theological pieces. I was just reading a theological piece regarding a very important subject and it was hard to get through and contained several phrases in original languages that only the author and maybe those as highly educated as him know what the words or phrases really mean. Meanwhile, there is the simple layman who many times gets overlooked.

Oh well, I hope I haven't embarrassed myself.


David Winter

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 Re: Theological writings - using non-understandable words and phrases (edited)

There are few theologians like David Pawson, who are able to explain deep thelogical truth to babes.

Jesus warned about scribes and Pharisees. I believe he did not only have his contemporaries in view.
He rejoiced that God had hidden the matters the kingdom and given it to babes! We must receive them like a child or we will miss it altogether.

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 Re: Theological writings - using non-understandable words and phrases (edited)

If you are reading online I recommend that you copy and paste the Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, or Latin into Google Translate and you'll have the phrase in English, if you like.

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