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 People don't see Christ in me

I'm asking God to change me but people don't see Christ in me in praying and reading the word of God. But I know there is a deeper life the spirit filled life. I want what happened with Jacob at Penial his life was transformed and he was called Israel. I donr see God Working in my life

Jy'Quan Stewart

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 Re: People don't see Christ in me

Dear brother, do not loose heart. Do not look for the outward confirmation that people recognize Christ in you. Do not look for peoples affirmation but Gods, this is a dangerous trap.

Do not look for praise, this is only due to God.

Luke 6:26
Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.

The true saint is often misunderstood, overlooked and maligned rather than held in esteem by many. This keeps him humble.

Praise, esteem and reputation is a tougher test than adversery, because pride can come in and spoil your soul

Jakob had to come to the end of himself before he could have his identity and name changed.

Allow God to bring you to the end of yourself, too. It does not go without pain, but the price is more than worth to pay.

I will pray for you.

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 Re: People don't see Christ in me

i sure can identify with that....any words of encouragement i would type to you would be impoverished, so when you spoke of that encounter between Jacob on the banks of Jabbok River with Messiah, my own heart lit up. I'll tell you why, Dr, Michael Brown delivered a truly anointed message, "Holy Desperation"......speaking of this encounter at Peniel.....i cant tell you how many times this message lifted my soul.

in Jesus love, neil

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//Dr, Michael Brown delivered a truly anointed message, "Holy Desperation"......speaking of this encounter at Peniel.....i cant tell you how many times this message lifted my soul.//

It deserves at least an annual listen. Time to do so again.

It’s actually on YouTube but it is broken up in 8 parts:


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 Re: People don't see Christ in me

//Description: George Middlebrook is a real example of the long term effects of revival. Middlebrook, a Texas native, shares from his heart the keys to personal revival in his own life that brought him to beg God to paint a picture of who he really is. He testifies how blessing came into his family when HE got right with God (27 minutes).//

This also deserves an annual listen. I have given this sermon out to so many people, it was one that changed my own life on being truthful with myself and with God.

This is from our very own library on revival from 1989.


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 Re: People don't see Christ in me

As Ravenhill would put it (He takes Moses to the backside of the desert. John the Baptist was in the wilderness until the day of his showing forth.
Jesus, the Son of God who had left the Glory, spent thirty years in training
to minister!
John Baptist thirty years in training.
The apostle Paul at least thirty years.
Moses at least forty years;
and we want to go to Bible School six months and come out like a super prophet! It's the time factor that kills most of us.)

You can not rush the work of God it's like an endurance race not a sprint. It is He that started the work in you and it is He that will finish the work in you. John and Charles Wesley felt as though they were missing something and as well as George Whitefield. George Whitefield found the book The Life of God In the Soul of Man by Rev H. Scougal helpful. It is dangerous to compare ourselves amongst ourselves. Even Paul said he judged not himself but it was Christ that judged him. Think of how long it was before Jacob was changed or Moses, 40 years in Egypt 40 years as a shepherd 40 years in the wilderness. Think about Moses taking matters into his own hands. Keep that hunger and the willingness to always grow.
Matthew King

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