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Troy, New York, United States

 Is Christian Dating Website Biblical

I want to find the woman God callled me to be with is a Christian dating God's will I knows that person has to be Believer who I marry?

Jy'Quan Stewart

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 Re: Is Christian Dating Website Biblical

You can watch this:

Choosing A Wife - Beauty Is Vain by Tim Conway

I highly recommend against any online dating sites it is not a good way brother.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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I disagree, but I do advise caution. I found my wonderful Christian wife using a Christian online dating site (Christian Connection).
You need to be discerning though. My wife and I both had the understanding that God was to always be first in any potential courting and we agreed to get to know each other first.

 2022/11/23 4:45Profile

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Such a website is just a means to an end.
Of course it should be buit on Biblical principals.
But you will probably find that even most Christian women on such a site are mainly looking for "mister right" or a "soul mate" or a "prince" etc.
Only few want to serve God together and have a biblical family.
So yes be cautious and be very clear and upfront from the beginning what you are looking for.
Pray for God's guidance

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deogloria, I absolutely agree.

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