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 Martin Luther King's Sermon: The Drum Major Instinct


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 Re: Martin Luther King's Sermon: The Drum Major Instinct

thank you brother.
i've listened to this sermon a few times, a few years back, 2004, i purchased Rev King's SERMON's, as opposed to his civil rights speeches.

When i was little boy, 7, i was being raised in the synagogue, learning Hebrew, Torah......this was my grandmother's doing, Thank God! I loved being in the synagogue, and she was my chief mother, sometimes would bring me down to the South Side of Chicago, and i spent quite a few Sundays in black AME churches...which i LOVED as see rabbi's dont THUNDER from the pulpit....Black preachers DO!.....and this little Jewish boy would sit there spellbound....i could understand EXACTLY what they were speaking....and i knew that i knew, That God was in the house.
those were good days, especially all the hugs i would get from the women, black women dressed in their Sunday finest hugging on a small white boy....ohhh, God was in the House.

enough about me, around the 20 minute mark, Martin engages in some real prophecy....nuclear war. i've been in the intel community when i was younger, and i dont think most of our fellow Americans know how dangerous this whole situation is.....BUT, tarry for a REAL Heaven sent Revival, much love in Jesus, neil

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