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Discussion Forum : General Topics : How we have moved from neo paganism from atheism

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Hemel Hempstead

 How we have moved from neo paganism from atheism

This is a hard thing to quantify but neo paganism is alive and well and atheism is dead in the UK
If you analyse the books in the bookshop such as Waterstones and other things
Pagan books are ten times a dozen there are whole sections on paganism
I also have a pagan collegue at work
How do you battle against paganism on the street other than through prayer or evangelism

I love preaching the gospel but I have felt more under spiritual attack to actually do it

I would be interested if neo paganism is alive and well in your country

Most Christian scholars have tried to debate atheism and post modernism but there is no neo paganism debate as it is more to do with feeling rather than thinking

That's why we need a revival, I need a revival

As god's power is the only thing to get through to a neo pagan

Dominic Shiells

 2022/11/20 13:11Profile

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 Re: How we have moved from neo paganism from atheism

Short answer: yes.

Still, the Word goes forth and souls are saved, even in the West. Now reports from Iran and mainland China indicate that miraculous moves of God are taking place, and many are coming to Christ, often at great cost to their lives.

Same with North Korea, Myanmar, etc.

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Campbell River, B.C.


I see neo paganism all the time where I live. Just yesterday when I was shopping I saw a woman with a dress that had all kinds of occult symbols on it. I've talked to many practicing witches and satanists in the city where I live. There are at least 2 covens. It's a huge problem.

Just as an aside, many satanists you'll talk to will say they don't actually believe in the devil or worship him; it's like a form of atheism for them. Anton LaVey popularized this view in the 1960s; he did satanic rituals, not for the purpose of actually summoning evil spirits (he said), but for "aesthetic terrorism." (I don't believe LaVey was telling the truth about not believing in Satan's existence.)

I think, though, that atheism is dying out because people have a spiritual hunger that can't be fed with the stale, moldy bread of atheism. They want to be fulfilled spiritually, but they refuse to come to the true Bread of Life, Jesus.

Nigel Holland

 2022/11/20 19:08Profile

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