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 Christians stopped Gay Pride Week

The James Hartline Report
Breaking News!
July 26, 2005 (7:19am pst)

Historic Victory!

San Diego Christians Stop City Council From Declaring
Gay Pride Week Proclaimation.

(JHR) For the first time in ten years, the San Diego City Council failed to approve a proclaimation to declare a Gay Pride Week in America's seventh largest city. Truly it was an historical undertaking by James Hartline, publisher of The James Hartline Report and all of his faithful readers. Partnering with Pastor Leo Giovinetti and Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, the largest homeless church in the United States, Hartline and fifty Christian acitivists from a multitude of various churches in San Diego, flooded the city council chambers on Monday, July 25, 2005 to speak out against the city honoring the area's largest homosexual event.

Hartline, Pastor Giovinetti and the other Christians in attendance faced stiff opposition. The council voted on a 6-0 vote to make Toni Atkins, a practicing lesbian and strong abortion advocate, Deputy Mayor where she will fill in as Mayor until a new one is chosen in approximately four months. Additionally, there was a large contingent of gay activists present during the council meeting in support of lesbian councilwoman Atkins.

It was Councilwoman Atkins who had originally placed on the council docket for a vote, the city proclaimation declaring San Diego Gay Pride Week. If passed by 5 of the 6 remaining council members, the item would have caused the entire San Diego citizenry to embrace one of the most filthy weekends in the United States. This year's Gay Pride Week has run into a firestorm of controversy. One month ago, The James Hartline Report broke the story that two dangerous, registered pedophiles were working as volunteer staff with the Gay Pride Organization, in violation of federal law. As a result of Hartline's efforts, every media outlet in San Diego is now reporting on the pedophile situation that is intertwined with the Gay Pride events.

Due to pressure put on the council behind the scenes, it became apparent to Gay Pride supporter Councilwoman Atkins, that she did not have the votes to pass the resolution, and yesterday pulled the item from the docket. Thus, in a major blow to the designs of gay activists to push America's seventh largest city into a forced partnership with the event, the city will not be endorsing their event for the first time in over a decade. Unfortunately, Gay Pride organizers have still not removed the pedophiles from the event.

Yesterday, Hartline was interviewed by several media outlets, including NBC 7/39 news about the consequences of allowing the Gay Pride festival and its pedophile volunteers to degrade the city of San Diego ( You can also watch the NBC news clip regarding the council meeting and lesbian Councilwoman Atkins' degrading remarks about Hartline and his efforts by going to the "Feedroom Video" at the left bottom side of

Both Pastor Leo Giovinetti, host of Real Life Radio (, and Hartline addressed the City Council yesterday to loud applause by the packed chambers. Atkins responded to the opposition to the Gay Pride event, by ignoring the pedophile problem and inviting all of her council colleagues to join her at the Gay Pride Festival. This brought a chorus of boos from the crowd.

For Hartline, it has been a long battle to finally stop the city council from officially embracing the Gay Pride Festival and parade. Last year, only Hartline, and two other Christian activists, Allyson Smith and Phil Magnan, showed up to oppose the docketed resolution item to endorse Gay Youth Pride. At that meeting, thirty of the most powerful homosexual and lesbian leaders in San Diego showed up to counter Hartline, and the council voted 7-0 to declare San Diego "Gay Youth Pride Day". Since that black day, Hartline has worked non-stop in a battle to overthrow the Gay Agenda in San Diego. This year, four of those that voted last year for the Gay Youth Pride proclaimation have been removed from office: Mayor Murphy has resigned, Councilmember Charles Lewis mysteriously died at 37 years of age, and Councilmen Michael Zucchet and Ralph Inzunza have resigned after being convicted for taking bribes from Cheetah's Strip Club.

There is clearly a spiritual revival underway in San Diego. Signs of revival are always first indicated by light shining into the darkness that the darkness might be exposed and be dealt with. Revival also requires men and women of great, and unwavering courage, who are willing to set aside their own agendas in life to pursue the Kingdom of God. Never was that unwavering courage and committment more personified, than yesterday, when fifty Christians joined Hartline and Giovinetti at the Council Chamber to seize their historic victory. In the midst of summer in California, when most will be vacationing, those devoted servants of a higher calling, took their stand and did great exploits in the Name of their God.
This Breaking News Story Was Brought To You By Your Favorite Christian News Service, The James Hartline Report, Reporting Live From The Frontlines Of The Culture War.

James Hartline, Publisher
The James Hartline Report
Educating The Church
Fighting For Our Generation

 2005/7/27 19:37

 Re: Christians stopped Gay Pride Week

Very encouraging, especially the exposure of illegal deployment of registered sex offenders.

 2005/7/27 20:31

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