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 Musing About and Pondering a Tract

A close friend and brother in the Lord recently sat down with a few of us and spoke of the possibilities of putting together a unique gospel tract. A tract that doesn't follow the same path as a lot of tracts. Not a "Four Spiritual Laws" tract or a "Roman Road" tract, even as effective as they are. But a tract as nonreligious as possible and that seeks to speak to people right where they are at in the midst of the suffering and pain that many find themselves in. Many people wonder what they have ever done to have seeming random negative circumstances and events befall them. Or many are trapped in the suffering and pain of destructive behavior and addictions and cannot extricate themselves. To be lying in bed at night, fitfully worrying and tossing and turning with lack of sleep because your daughter has been diagnosed with a terminal illness while at the same time your son say is an alcoholic that is ruining his life and that of his family is real suffering and pain. How would you approach such a person who may have been taught God made the universe and this earth a good place and address this suffering while telling them the universe and earth truly is a good place and God loves them and Christ is the answer and the future is going to work out? How can the gospel be of any relevance to them while they are in the circumstances they are? Perhaps such a tract could help break the ice and blindness and even bewilderment of their heart. They are not interested in clique religious sayings, they are interested in something that brings positive results for them. Of course, it is Christ wo can bring these results. How can we effectively proclaim our message to them?

I'm thinking of trying to help put something like this together in written form - something that addresses the real rubber meets the road suffering that people inevitably endure. The tract or small booklet would address the paradox of a magnificent awe-inspiring universe up against the grim reality of suffering, injustice and pain within that same universe. Non religiously addressing pain and suffering and sin and its effects and the remedy in Christ would be the goal of trying to write this. How would one write it? What would you include and say in this type of tract that could be passed out on any corner or within any household?

People desire to know their life has meaning and that their future is secure. Could the phenomenon of 100% accurate Bible prophecy be brought in as a major part of such a tract as a reason to have hope for the future? Prophecy forecast Christ's first coming accurately and can be a sure harbinger that forecasts of security in Him at His second coming can provide optimistic hope. Prophecies of Christ all lead to HIM as a person.

The Issue: The apparent paradox of evil, suffering and pain in the world and the Christian proclamation of a benevolent and loving God. Why does God allow this if He is entirely good? Has there been wisdom from God in allowing even this to happen? Do you think this can this effectively addressed in a gospel tract of short or medium legth?

I'm just thinking out loud and sharing here. Any ideas? If so, share them if you want. I'm looking for input. I spent some time today writing down ideas. I bet y'all could write and put together such a tract right there where you are at if the Lord led you. Be inspired. All things are possible.


David Winter

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 Re: Musing About and Pondering a Tract

That’s an admirable undertaking. Daunting, but admirable.

I’m not sure that you can go into theodicy because it would take up most of the tract, as great volumes have been written about it.

A thought came to mind about maybe starting it out with 2Cor. 11:23-27. Those are attention grabbing g verses and show that God’s “favorites” are not spared from suffering.

But Paul understood his place. JFK said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Paul would say “Ask not what God can do for you, ask what you can do for God.”

We have an unsaved son-in-law who we have been praying hard for for years. Great guy but grew up in a fairly affluent household but zero God. He has shown signs of turning- goes to church with our daughter and the kids, etc etc. But then recently his brother, who he was very close to, was tragically killed in a car accident. We fear this will turn his heart away from God.

As you stated so many are just living tough lives. It does not do much good to say “we live in a fallen world” to such people in their distress.


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