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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Praying against witchcraft in the UK and Halloween

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Hemel Hempstead

 Praying against witchcraft in the UK and Halloween

I was recently at work and found out that one of my colleagues was at witch
We are coming up to Halloween or also reformation day the day that Martin Luther put his thesis on the church
In Canterbury they used to sell knives and kill children on Halloween

One last from the Christian bookshop had a lady had a lot of withces chanting round her house at midnight

With the rise of Harry potter, witchcraft is on the rise
Pray for my witch work colleague that she would come to know Jesus and for my islamic collegues and that I can have a new infilling of the holy spirit and anointing.

With trick and treating it is the best time to hand out tracts as people come to your door but they seem to dodge our house 🏡
As it is good to have alternative Halloween parties or celebrate reformation day

In the bookshops it is shocking how many witchcraft books are in the UK when you go into Waterstones whilst there is barely any Christian bookshops in the UK which sell good books

Even if you find a good Christian bookshop there is so many heretical things from nar, to word of faith books

It would be good to have solid Christian books than candy floss Christian books

It would be nice for a personal revival and then revival in the churches to get them back to the bible and then the country but that is impossible but possible with God

I am so spiritually empty and need an infilling of the holy spirit

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Praying against witchcraft in the UK and Halloween

The most deceptive form of witchcraft is witchcraft
within the church.

“I am so spiritually empty and need an infilling of the Holy Spirit.”

Brother, you are in a good place. God fills those that hunger and
thirst for righteousness.


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 RE: Printhshop 4

The video is interesting. thanks for sharing

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