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 You Wonder Why There are Delinquents

Women are to be workers at home; workers at home. What does that mean? (Titus 2) That means what it says: workers at home, home workers. God must have written that for our day, when millions and millions and millions of women are working mothers outside the home. Millions of them have young children. In fact, the statistics of the number of women who work outside the home and have children under three is staggering. It’s something like a third of all mothers with children under three work outside the home.

You wonder why there are delinquents? This is a very fascinating term, workers at home – oikourgos, from ergo, to work; and oikos, home – work at home. Your task is at home. A woman’s task, a woman’s work, a woman’s employment, a woman’s calling, is to be at home. I mentioned 1 Timothy 5:14: “I want younger” – widows, of course, implied here, but it touches, then, all women – “to get married.” Younger women, get married – that’s where I got my introduction. Get married. Bear children. You hate this: keep house.

That’s what it says: get married, bear children, keep house, and give the enemy no cause, no occasion, for reproach. A married woman is in a safer place, a more spiritually beneficial place, a more protected place; and she must care for her husband and it’s more selfless. This isn’t hard to figure out. This is a divine principle. Abandoning children to work outside the home is a violation of Scripture.

You say, “Well, my kids aren’t home while I’m at work.” That’s not the point. That doesn’t change the obligation because they went to school. It’s the home that you prepare when they aren’t there that makes the home a home. If you arrive when they arrive and leave when they leave, it’s unlikely that the home will be the kind of home the children need. Working women contribute to lost children, delinquent children, children who have lack of proper understanding of God-ordained roles in the home, terrible decline, drugs; we don’t even talk about the working woman phenomenon of adultery and divorce.

And for a woman to be the breadwinner? You say, “Well, our house payment requires two jobs; we both have to work.” Then get another house and have a family. In fact for men, 1 Timothy 5:8 says, “If anyone” – meaning a man – “doesn’t provide for his own, especially for those of his household, he’s denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” The point is the man is the provider, the protector, and the security, and the woman is there to care for the children and the home. Working outside removes her from under her husband and puts her under other men to whom she is forced to submit.

And I’m just talking in very specific terms; as specific as Scripture, no more, no less, and I know in your mind, you’re wondering, “Well, what about this, and what about that, and what about this?” Is there any room for doing something part-time, serving in a ministry? Of course. When you read Proverbs 31, you know that that lady had all kinds of things going, but the home was the base, the center, and the focus of all of it. (John MacArthur)

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