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 Headcovering - by G.W. North

G.W. North was a true man of God. His live showed many patterns you can observe in other godly men who walked with God before him.

Mr. North does not pull punches, he is very straightforward in his argumentation, neither does he exaggerate but expounds the logic of the bible verses concerns.

Oh, here we go again! Does it anger some that the bible contains this passage? I can anticipate the L-word (legalism) be thrown out here, and I can almost prophesy who of you will take what stand.

Those who disagree will be furious, but those who are taught of the Spirit in this matter will rejoice. The article is almost 50 years old, and that was a time when almost everybody in church would not give the acceptance of homosexuality a second thought.
Now 50 years later, we are so far down the line, that even a president of the United States does not know how to define male and female. Who knew then that those who support traditional views of male and female, family and marriage would one day cause a split in major denomination and their proponents be outlawed by the media as dumb, right wing hill-billies. You may say, I am swerving off topic by throwing in these contemporary issues, but I believe they are related, and one leads to the other.

The first sin of man is also a subtle, heinous attack on God's creation order of male and female. While the world and vast parts of what calls itself the church now succumbs to this, who but the true church of God has the privilege to willingly display God's original creation order by following such a humble and simple but glorious ordinance as head covering (or uncovering for man). It is a small thing that displays a world of difference.

Many churches, even those we otherwise endorse for their staunch stand on other important truths, do not dare to take a stand for what God ordained in this respect, and even outright reject it or explain it away!

Paul anticipated the heated debate that would enfold in the last days:
1 Corinthians 11:16 But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God.

Read for yourself and if you post please be honest and state if you have read the full article.

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