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 Take Thoughts Captive

Take Thoughts Captive

One of the most common ways we experience spiritual warfare is in the mind. The enemy is constantly hurling lies at us and trying to get us to agree with the discouraging, destructive, and dangerous things he says.

But Satan isn’t creative. Creation belongs to God. So the best he can do is figure out which lies hurt us the most and torment us with them over and over again. The attacks impacting us most today are probably the same attacks he’s been throwing at us our whole lives. But his lies only have power when we choose to agree with them.

When we agree with a lie, we give it credibility. We internalize it and let it become a part of who we believe we are. You’ll know you’ve made an agreement with a lie because it will sound like the voice in your head. If we heard an evil, hissing voice like something out of a movie, we’d never listen to it. But because it’s in our own voice, we’re so much more willing to believe it as truth.

When our thoughts are aligned with God’s word, the devil can’t lie to us. The apostle Paul encourages us to take our thoughts captive. That means not letting our thoughts run wild, but checking our thoughts against the truth of God’s word. He also urges us to think on whatever is true, noble, lovely, and praiseworthy. He understood the mind is a battlefield, and he wanted us to cast out everything that doesn’t line up with God.

Again, taking thoughts captive and casting out lies is active. We can’t simply think “go away.” Satan can’t read our minds. Sometimes we allow him to influence our thoughts when we pick up the lies he hurls at us, but only God is all-knowing and able to hear our thoughts. When Jesus was in the desert being tempted by Satan, Jesus spoke Scripture and told him to go away. In the same way, we have the authority to command him to flee in the name of Jesus.

With practice, it gets easier to spot the inconsistencies between what you’re hearing and what God promises. You’ll get faster at taking thoughts captive, speaking against lies, and realigning with truth. Ask God to help you spot the lies and remind you of the truth so you can more easily fight back!


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