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Ps 119:27 Make me understand the way of Your precepts; so shall I meditate on and talk of Your wondrous works.
My nephew sent me this text. It is his daily routine to send me "verse of the day". Today he sent me a few verses from Ps 119, the first of which just reached out and grabbed my attention. Vs 27 above is that verse. Please read it again. What does it say to you?
The part that grabbed my attention is " so shall I meditate on and talk of Your wondrous works." The Psalmist is praying that his meditation and speech should reflect the wonderous works of HAYAH (I AM). He is asking that the words he speaks, are dominated by boasting of the wonderous works of YEHOVAH.
So you might be thinking as I have at times, "what wonderous works". Really? Have you looked at creation set before you? What is it about all you see each day, that is not a wonderous work, except the works of man? All of creation declares HIS handiwork. It is spread out before us world wide, in the heavens and under the sea. Just yesterday, I was looking at a photo on a friend's page, of some lilies spread across an area, growing wild. Thousands and thousands of lilies, each one exactly like the other. Each one fashioned by the hand of YEHOVAH. Each one just like the others. He creates each one. All living things reproduce. But there is not one living thing that can create one living cell, nor fashion a duplicate of itself. Every part about it, is HIS handywork.
See this is boasting about HAYAH. So when we want to talk to others about HIM, We are not as at a loss for words as we might think. We just need to realign our thinking, and our words will follow what we meditate upon. HIS creation testifies that HE is, and that HE rewards those who diligently seek HIM. This diligence of seeking has to embody this meditation of HIS wonderous works, and declaring them to whosoever will listen .
YESHUA gave us an example of the "wind". You can't see it coming, nor where it is going. yet the effects of it's presence are felt by us ever day. And unless the wind upsets our precious little comfort zone, we generally pay it no mind. We can't see it, but it's presence is undeniable. And so it is with all of creation. HIS presence and activity among us is everywhere we look. The marvel and awe of YEHOVAH.
So when I read this text today, it really spoke to me and reminded me that though I have boasted of HIS wonderous works, my boasting fo these things do not cover the landscape of my speaking. We know we are to share the GOSPEL. But how? How about boasting of HIS wonderous works before us every single day. Meditating on these things, will open our eyes to see, what is really before our eyes. More than just objects and motion. ELOHIM. HIS presence will become more of a living reality, when we share HIS living reality in us, with others. How? A good place to start, is boasting of HIS wonderous works. HALLELUYAH!!!!

Lahry Sibley

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