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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : HIS SOUL CANNOT SING

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His soul cannot sing,
'Oh Death where is thy sting?
Oh grave, where is thy victory?'
That knew not the man of Calvary!

No hope to cheer his tomb;
Decay reigns in his grave's womb;
His eternal aches will ever tarry,
That knew not the man of Calvary!

Oh dear soul Christless,
Toward a region you press,
Wherein God exhausted His furry,
On all who knew not the man of Calvary!

A forever pain; a grief ever-growing;
An ache abiding, and regret goring:
These all wait to him marry,
Who in life refused a call from Calvary!

Oh, how Illuminated is his grave!
In death's face he is bold and brave;
For death welcomes immortality
To all who walked with the man of Calvary!


Ojoje Adeyi

 2022/5/24 10:24Profile

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