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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : The Reason Why Ukraine Will Prevail Against Russia

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 The Reason Why Ukraine Will Prevail Against Russia

If you have been following the events in the Ukraine since the invasion of Russia, you are probably amazed that the Ukranian people have won great victories and have held a more powerful Russian army in check after 67 days of fighting.

I have been reading daily reports from a pastor that has connections to those that are in the Ukraine that are on the ground and are reporting miracles that have been happening since the beginning of the war.

The few small gains that Russia has achieved are being reversed, and many of these regions are now being liberated by the Ukrainian forces. The Russians are retreating, abandoning tanks. Russian ships are being sunk, at least 12 Russian generals have been killed, Putin has given his command to others while he seeks treatment for cancer, and he is in great danger of loosing control of power.

Before the Russian invasion there was a gathering of Pastors and intercessors in Kiev, and powerful intercession was made for Ukraine.

The Russians have destroyed cities and killed innocent civilians with their missles, but the good news is that the Church in the Ukraine has risen up, and many pastors have stayed in the Ukraine to help the suffering people.

Please continue to pray for the Ukraine. We believe that God is sending revival to Ukraine that will spread throughout all of Europe.


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