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 Roe Vs. Wade - Rejoice But Stay Focused:

Roe Vs. Wade: Rejoice But Stay Focused!
Excerpt from “Give Him Fifteen” by Dutch Sheets

First, rejoice but stay focused. In Ezra 3 the Israelites were attempting to see Jerusalem restored. The first step was rebuilding the Temple. After the successful laying of the foundation, there was a great celebration - they poured a slab and threw a party. However, their enemies regrouped very quickly, organizing an intimidation and slander campaign, including the hiring of lobbyists. It wasn’t long before they succeeded in stopping the rebuilding process; the delay lasted 16 years. Their diabolical scheming had worked. God had to raise up two prophets, Haggai and Zechariah, to motivate the Israelites to restart the work. We must take a lesson from this. We’re deceiving ourselves if we think the enemies of Christ in America, backed by demonic powers, will give up in their attempt to take over this nation. Ultimate victory over their efforts will not occur until a great awakening turns the hearts of tens of millions of Americans. This will happen - America shall be saved.

Not only must we see revival, but there is still much work to be done on the practical side. Regarding the abortion issue: if this ruling holds, it will not make abortion illegal, but simply send the decision to the states to do as they choose. A few will completely outlaw the process, others will put strict limitations on it, and still others will continue to murder babies - some even after they are born. Sadly, many in America have seared consciences.

That being said, the reversing of Roe is absolutely critical to the turning of our nation; God holds nations accountable for the decisions of their leaders. America, as a whole, has fed Baal and Molech the blood of innocent babies for 50 years. That national curse can now be broken, if the decision stands. Please don’t forget that no decision is final until formally released by the Court.

This Was Planned

There is little doubt in my mind that this was all planned and coordinated by the left. I don’t believe for one minute that a single rebel secretly decided to do this, then late Monday night government officials on the left began scrambling to take advantage of it. Their prepared statements were ready and began coming forth immediately - some Monday night, others Tuesday morning. A number of government officials on the left actually used the same phrases, one of which was “we will fight like hell.” (Don’t use that phrase if you are a conservative, by the way. Your words will be twisted to mean you are promoting physical violence, and the Homeland Gestapo will pay you a visit.) This was a coordinated effort to re-engage the left, many of whom have lost faith in Biden and the Dems. They have felt the effects of runaway inflation, seen the pathetic state of affairs at the border, and are shocked at how quickly Biden is losing his cognitive abilities. Something drastic needed to happen to awaken the base before the November elections. Yes, the ruling would have likely happened anyway in June, but this leak gives them more time and the ability to get out in front of it. They will try to pass a national law legalizing abortion, and there will come attempts to pack the Supreme Court, all of which will re-energize their base.

Yes, it is a despicable breach of protocol to politicize the Court in this way, but the reality is that they politicized the Court a long time ago. And as far as leaks go, they had no problem leaking information from the Oval Office, the most powerful office in the world. In fact, they praised and lauded the leakers, calling them “whistleblowers.” If they would do that to the President, why would they not do it to the Supreme Court? It is certainly no more sacred an institution than the Presidency of the United States. These people know no shame. They are liars and are hell-bent on changing this nation into a globalist, antichrist nation.


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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Roe Vs. Wade - Rejoice But Stay Focused:

I'm quite sure too, that this was orchestrated by the current powers that be to test the waters, so to speak. Nothing of this magnitude has ever escaped the Supreme Court. Can we expect any less from the enemy though? No.

If this is overturned, I'm afraid, the church at large will bask in winning and give up praying for the heart's of women (and men), and just allow the "the law" to do THEIR job like they have allowed the government to take care of the poor. Is this a harsh outlook, why yes it is!

May God's be done in the Supreme Court this year and in our lives.


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I believe Ronald Reagan said it best.

“I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

― Ronald Reagan


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If Roe vs Wade is overturned, in my opinion it will make President Trump"s term in office make more sense naturally and spiritually since he nominated three of the current justices who would be the swing votes.

David Winter

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No doubt without God putting Trump in the Whitehouse this would not have happened or have the possiblity of happening.God knew he was going to be changing the makeup of the Supreme Court even though we didnt.Other things would not have happened either if Trump was not elected such as the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem,defunding of Planned Parenthood,protection of the US as a nation by building a wall on its border ,curtailing of religious lefts green movement and support for persecuted Christians throughout the world,
God is great he picks people to do a job even though some of his Church disagrees with his choice,
urs staff

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